What’s Trending in February

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First, can we discuss how it’s already FEBRUARY? No? You don’t want to think about it either? Fair enough.

Instead, let’s talk style and shopping. (That ought to distract us a little.) I’m heading over to ShopStyle to see what the most popular items are that people are shopping for these days.

(And we can also see if we think the world has gone mad, which is likely.)

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OK, let’s discuss. Only one pair of Uggs made this week’s list, but now there’s also a pair of wedges (and you know how I feel about wedges). I can handle them though, I suppose!

There’s a gorgeous evening gown, a classic blazer, and a nice coat, all which I’d wear. (Where can I wear that evening gown? And who will give me $1,000 to buy it?)

See anything on this list you just have to have?

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