What People Are Shopping for In June

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Just wanted to drop by real quick and leave you the most popular items on Shopstyle at the moment. Well, actually this is the top five under $100 (but the real top five that were over $100 were all just bikini tops so you’re not really missing anything) but that’s we roll around here!

Here’s what people are buying in June

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What do you think of this month’s trending items?

Really there’s nothing here this time that makes me cringe or question humanity. Remember the cheeseburger clutch from April? I think we we were all going a little stir-crazy at that time. At least I hope that’s what it was! :)

Jean shorts, a patriotic tank, a fit and flare dress, high-waisted pants and of course, the ever-popular leopard print is here again. Honestly, that swimsuit is pretty cute. If I went swimming more than once every 10 years I’d consider it, ha!

Anything you love? Hate? Let me know!


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