What I’d Buy: $100 at Old Navy

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Last week I thought I’d try something new and asked you all on the Facebook page to suggest a store and shopping budget to spend to see what I could come up with. You definitely delivered!

I got several comments and thought I’d just turn them into their own posts! I may combine a few here and there, we’ll see, but this should be fun!

For this post I’m going with one of the first comments I got from reader PJ, $100 to spend at Old Navy.

I’ll be honest, I very rarely shop at Old Navy. With the exception of purchasing a pair of jeans last year online (which I ended up returning), I don’t think I’ve bought anything else from there in several years. Nothing against Old Navy, I just haven’t checked them out in a while! So, challenge accepted!

I wanted to set some rules for myself so this would be more realistic. While Old Navy did happen to have some good sales while I was searching (half off all denim, for example), I went with non-sale items, unless they were on clearance (which means their price should be set for a while.) I also included tax, which made it even harder. I had to keep swapping things in and out of my cart to get as close as possible to my spending limit! (Online shipping was free, so that helped too!)

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Pretending I had a $100 Old Navy gift card (and no more!), here’s what I’d buy:

1. This coat:

Old Navy on $100 - leopard coat - JK Style

Oversized Soft-Brushed Leopard-Print Coat ($74.99)

Yes, this is eating up most of my budget, but if I’m being honest, this is what I’d pick!

I love a good statement coat and considering I don’t own very much animal print, I think I’d have fun with it. I like how they’ve styled it here, but it would be fun to throw over something like burgundy pants and a shimmery black or gray tee, or even a fitted dress, maybe with a thin belt on top.

2. This shirt:

Old Navy on a budget - JK Style

Patterned Tie-Hem Shirt ($12.97)

There were a few other tops I considered but the price combos weren’t working out, so this is the only one that made the final cut. Yes, it’s a little summery here but it would be perfect paired with a long cardigan or blazer in the fall. I could see myself wearing this quite a bit I think!

3. These flip-flops:

Old Navy on a budget - JK Style

Flip-Flops ($1.97)

OK, so I have about $3 left to spend and this was all I found that I would actually wear/use. I’m not a huge flip-flop lover (remember this?), but I do always need a pair or two to throw on occasionally! For $1.97, I could use another pair!

My total with tax: $98.25

Not too bad!

Here are a few of the other items that almost made my cart but the prices just didn’t work out!

old navy on a budget - JK Style

Clockwise from top left: dress // denim blouse // blouse  // pants

So overall, it wasn’t super easy for me to find a lot of stuff I liked. Old Navy looks like a great option for basics, though. T-shirts, sweaters, pants, and denim are all in abundance and pretty affordable, considering they seem to always have a good sale going on!

What do you think of my picks? What would you do differently?


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