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For the past few years I’ve started ordering some things from Zara in December (usually on free shipping day) to try on and then when my mom and I make our trek to Dallas to shop for my birthday I return the things that didn’t fit. (Since I wasn’t really in a position to travel to Dallas this year I had to mail a few things back instead!)

Here are the items I purchased, and I’ll let you know what I kept and sent back! Most of these aren’t available online anymore, but if you’ve got a Zara near by, you may find them on the sales rack!

Two-Tone Lace Top

Status: Kept! I really liked this navy lace top. It doesn’t look like it’s still available right now, but you might check the website or your local store!

Top with Elastic Cuffs

Zara top with elastic cuffs - JK Style

Status: Sent back. It was fine, but not one of my favorites. If you love it though, it looks like it’s on sale right now for $15.99, and there are a few sizes left.

Draped Top

Zara draped top

Zara draped top

Status: Kept! I love this green shade and the draping is done nicely. I’ve worn it once already and know it will be on regular rotation! It doesn’t look like this is available anymore either, sorry!

Open Knit Sweater with Ribbon Detail

Zara open knit sweater

zara open knit sweater

Status: Sent back. I liked this and thought it was different, but for the price ($49.99 at the time), it didn’t seem worth it. It doesn’t look like it’s available online anymore, but if you see it in stores, it’s now under $20!

Coat with Contrasting Faux Suede

Zara contrasting faux suede coat

Zara faux suede contrasting coat

Status: Kept! I love a good, easy jacket, and thought this was different. Plus, it was on sale! It’s not available online anymore either, but check your local store, or see if you like the camel colored version!

What have you been buying?

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