StyleTracks: Florals

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I somehow started receiving People Magazine in the mail. I’m not complaining, People has always been a guilty pleasure, usually reserved for traveling. Apparently, I can now enjoy every week! (Until it stops coming I guess.)

One of the StyleTracks they featured recently was on bold florals:

people style tracks


I don’t know that photographing 5 celebs in floral dresses really qualifies as everyone wearing bold florals, but obviously this is a look being favored by some! 

Florals for me can be kind of hit or miss. Depending on the scale, print, and color, they can go either really modern and fresh or really dated and matronly. (Matronly is never a goal, just so we’re clear.)

I did find a few floral frocks that speak to me (and that start at $15!) What do you think?


zara flower print dress

Flower Print Dress 



Watercolor Me Happy DressWatercolor Me Happy Dress



Flow this Way Dress

Flow This Way Dress


Lauren Conrad Fit and Flare Gauze DressLC Lauren Conrad Gauze Fit & Flare Dress


zara flower print dress 2Zara Flower Print Dress


hm sleeveless floral dressFloral Sleeveless Dress


Are florals your thing? 


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