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Under $40 H&M Finds

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a Thrifty Thursday post, hasn’t it? Today, let’s talk H&M, specifically, under $40 H&M finds that will get you through the rest of spring and into summer! I’ve got my eye on all of these items, and luckily, most are under $25!!

Draped Wrap Front Dress - Under $40 H&M Finds

Draped Wrap Front Dress

This dress might not be my color (or maybe it is?), but the fit is great and it will be a great item to layer into fall! Or you know, layer because if it’s hot outside it’s likely close to freezing inside.

Dress with Smocking - Under $40 H&M Finds

Dress with Smocking

Not a great style for my body shape but I think this is so cute! I love the fun color and the easiness of it all. Great for an outdoor wedding, too!

Jersey Joggers - Under $40 H&M Finds

Jersey Joggers

I bought a pair of black joggers a few years ago on a whim at Zara and they’re probably the most worn item I own! Which means they’re also starting to show some wear and need to be replaced. The price on these is pretty fantastic so I think I will!

Linen Jumpsuit - Under $40 H&M Finds

Linen Jumpsuit

Another item that won’t work for me (and my freakishly long torso), but HOW CUTE IS THIS?? It’s adorable and easy, while being polished. It also comes in black! Someone with a normal torso length, please buy this and enjoy it for me!

H&M One Shoulder Top - Under $40 H&M Finds

One-Shoulder Top

I was kind of over the whole one-shoulder top trend but it’s slowly working its way back to my heart (and closet!), I suppose! This is just begging to be worn with your favorite jeans, or even a maxi skirt!

Satin & Lace Camisole Top - Under $40 H&M Finds

Satin & Lace Camisole Top

This camisole top comes in a few different styles/colors but it’s a great layering item!

H&M Sleeveless Tie Top - Under $40 H&M Finds

Sleeveless Tie-Front Top

Forget the boring tees, especially if it’s one with some sort of logo not to be worn ironically. This is just as easy, and about a billion times cuter!

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