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Under $100: Shopping Anthropologie

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I love visiting Anthropologie. Before we had one in Oklahoma City I was thrilled to visit stores in other cities. Anthropologie is one of those places where just visiting the store feels like a special trip. From the decor and displays to the perfect coffee mug and statement jewelry, they’ve got the whole shopping experience down. But here’s the thing, rarely do I buy anything. Aside from the occasional gift or random clearance find, I usually leave empty-handed.


While I love visiting the store, I’m inclined to admit that it’s just really not my personal style. More specifically, it’s just really not my personal style that I’m willing to pay for. Sure I’ve found a few bargain items over the years that have meshed well with my wardrobe, but for the most part I just can’t justify the cost for items that just aren’t 100% me. While Anthropologie definitely makes beautiful clothing, it’s more boho than what I usually like to wear. I am still willing to give them try after try, as visiting their stores is still a fun treat! In fact, I imagine I’ll be visiting one in the next week or so, so the question once again becomes, will I find something on the next trip I really love? How about a fun little game, let’s see what clothing I can find on the Anthropologie website that I really love for under $100!

Anthropologie Under $100 Embossed Garden Top

Embossed Garden Top ($88)

I like the embossed design on this sweater. Do I love it enough to pay $88+tax? Probably not.


Anthropologie Under $100 Gathered Tee

Gathered Tee ($23.97 on sale from 39.95)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re going to wear tees, make them interesting! I love the gathered detail on this and with the 40% off promo code to use with sale items this tee is currently $24! (Limited time only.)


Anthropologie Under $100 Agency Twist Front Top

Agency Twist Front Top ($68)

That’s two tees in a row! I really do like this top, but I’d really like it more if it were say, $38.


Anthropologie Under $100 You Had Me at Bonjour tee

You Had Me at Bonjour Tee ($68)

I’m not sure if I’m feverish or what, but this is the third tee that’s made this list! I’m going to keep an eye on this shirt. I can’t justify $70 on a tee since I rarely wear them, but if the price drops I’ll consider it!


Anthropologie Under $100 Yanna Off the Shoulder Top

Yanna Off the Shoulder Top ($23.97 on sale from $39.95 – limited time)

I really love this top and it seems like something I’d wear quite a bit!

There were some other clothing items that caught my eye but weren’t available in my size – I’m a little late to the sale I guess! Now if we’re talking jewelry, that’s another story entirely, there’s plenty there that I love!

Anthropologie Undr $100 Midnight Druzy Drops

Midnight Druzy Drops ($48)


Anthropologie Under $100 Phoebe Front Back Posts

Phoebe Front-Back Posts ($48)


While I didn’t find a ton that suited me, that just means there more for you boho girls! Love Anthropologie? Tell me what you’re buying!

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