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Thrifty Thursday: Red Dress Boutique

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Let’s talk Red Dress Boutique today! Do you ever watch Shark Tank? It’s not a show I watch regularly but I always enjoy it when I see it! A couple weeks back one of the companies looking for investment was Red Dress Boutique. As they were giving their backstory and explaining their company I thought they sounded familiar. Turns out, they’re kind of a giant online boutique that I’ve definitely come across a time or two! I decided to check them out a little closer and thought they’d be a great Thrifty Thursday store to share with you!


While many of their items aren’t exactly my personal style- they have a lot that I’d put in the category of more casual/western-chic, which is not really my look ( but I know a lot of you really go for it!), I did find quite a few things I’d be happy to have in my closet, all for under $50!


Chic Show Dress – Black 


another day in the office dress - red

Another Day in the Office – Red


the only one sweater dress - burgundy

The Only One Sweater Dress – Burgundy


haute to trot skirt - camel

Hot to Trot Skirt – Camel


i've got a city love skirt - black white

I’ve Got a City Love Skirt – Black/White


something to blog about blazer - red

Something to Blog About Blazer – Red


ridgerunner plaid vest - red

Ridgerunner Plaid Vest – Red/Black


mulholland drive bootie-stone

Mulholland Drive Bootie – Stone


come on vogue! heels- ash grey

Come On, Vogue! Heels – Ash Grey


dancing in the street jumpsuit - burgundy

Dancing in the Street Jumpsuit – Burgundy


Red Dress Boutique has a lot of merchandise so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye! Plus, they have home and office accessories and travel items that are really fun:

Red Dress Boutique home accessories

Have you purchased something from Red Dress Boutique before? What was your experience like?

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