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Thrifty Thursday: Forever 21 (when you’re not 21)

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Happy Thursday, friends! The weekend is in sight and I’m sharing some fabulous (and affordable) finds today! For today’s Thrifty Thursday addition, let’s look at one of the most obvious of choices, Forever 21! While the prices are indeed amazing, Forever 21 can get a reputation for being, well, not age-friendly for those of us past 21. (I admit I saw that number well over a decade ago.) And while tiny hems and skimpy tops are sure to be found leaving us thinking we might be better suited for Talbots or Chico’s (no offense to them), rest assured, we CAN shop at Forever 21 whether we’re in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond! 

A few tips for shopping at Forever 21 (when you’re no longer near 21)

  • Accept that the quality may not be too high. You’re paying $15 for a sweater, deal with it. 
  • You might need to size up. Depending on the item, I’ve been known to go up two or three sizes. (Remember how sizes don’t matter? Good.)
  • Ignore mannequin/website styling. Shredded jeans and crop tops not your thing? Look past the belly button at the jacket, bag, leggings, whatever. Remember, you DON’T HAVE TO WEAR IT LIKE THEY DO! 

My current suggestions for items no matter your age! (Just remember, you DON’T have to style items like they do, so keep an open mind!)

Belted Cardigan ($37.90) – Easy, comfortable, also comes in cream. This is casual-wear in a completely acceptable form! (I have high standards when it comes to casual-wear!)

black cardigan


Plaid Poncho ($32.90) – Traditional plaids aren’t really my taste, but this blue and black poncho takes on a modern look! Thrown over your simple black or white sweater or turtleneck and you’ve got yourself an outfit. (Well, grab some pants too. Then you’ll have an outfit.)



Cream Cardigan ($27.90) – This is the type of cardigan you’ll thrown on ALL THE TIME. It’s easy, cute and works whether it’s dressed up or down. 

cream cardigan


Wool-Blend Coat ($57.90) – I love this slightly oversized drapey coat. Great with jeans or dresses, and it also comes in grey.



Box Pleat A-Line Skirt ($27.90) – Now how many of you already wrote off this skirt because of the crop top? (See my tips above!) Remember, you can wear this skirt like they’ve styled it here, OR you can pair it with a sweater, blazer, button down, etc. This is a great item to have in your closet and very versatile!

a-line skirt


Pleated Skirt ($22.90) – Another gorgeous skirt for under $25, and one that’s super flattering on so many! If the under lining isn’t quite long enough to your liking adding another black slip should do the trick!

black pleated skirt


Beaded Cami ($15) – Before you hit the close button on your browser, remember this: camis and tanks that you think you can’t or wouldn’t wear, can be worn UNDER things like cardigans and jackets! If you’re not comfortable baring so much shoulder/back, that’s OK! You can still wear this silver and black cami under your favorite jacket and it will be gorgeous!

beaded cami


Plaid Button-Down ($17.90) – Don’t worry, this shirt CAN in fact be buttoned up entirely! Someone just forgot to tell this poor girl. Anyway, if plaid’s your thing you’re sure to find something at Forever 21 that can work whether you’re 25 or 65!

plaid button down


Grid-Print Shirt ($22.90) – Need some new work-appropriate tops? Don’t rule F21 out as a spot to shop! This top is just as cute with your favorite jeans as it would be with a pencil skirt or under your blazer. 

grid print top


Sheer Surplice Top ($22.90) – Another office-appropriate blouse, it also works after hours!

sheer surplice top


Shawl Collar Textured Blazer ($29.90) – equal parts sophisticated and easy! Goes from work to fun depending on how you style it!

shawl collar cardigan


Fringe Plaid Poncho ($22.90) – If you’ve been wanting to get in on one of the plaid/fringe/poncho trends, I highly recommend stores like Forever 21 as a place to start! You can try out a trend without spending a lot of money (just in case you decide it isn’t you!)

fringe plaid poncho


Lest we not forget the plethora of accessories they carry: 

Faux Leather Bag ($27.90) – Can’t afford that designer leather bag you’ve had your eye on? Fake it! 

faux leather bag

Crossbody ($19.90) – Just the pop of color your outfit needs!


What do you think? Is Forever 21 worth checking out even if you’re not 21? I think so!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Ok. So you made me re-think Forever 21 (especially with that black skirt). You also made me laugh over the unbuttoned shirt and other travesties. :D

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