Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday: Bags & Watches

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I’ve always been a sucker for large men’s-style watches. I remember many years back searching through every store I could find until I finally found a Fossil style that was similar to what I wanted. I love a good chunky watch! And while I love the tough heaviness of these watches I like to pair them with more feminine pieces for a fun combination. Today I’m pairing bags and watches in some tough/sweet combinations!

watch bag 1

Watch // Bag

watch bag 2

Watch // Bag

watch bag 3

Watch // Bag

watch bag 4

Watch // Bag

watch bag 5

Watch // Bag

If you’re in the market for a larger watch, you’re in luck! This is a trend that’s stuck around for many years and you can pick up anywhere from a department store to places like Target or Walmart.

Are you a fan of larger men’s-style watches? 

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