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The Looks for Less: Chunky Sweater and Black Jeans

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It’s been a while since I’ve done an “official” Thrifty Thursday post, though about 75% of what I write here could probably qualify for this category! I wanted to write a “look for less” post today, based on a few outfits I’ve recently seen. 

I opened the new Evereve catalog a couple of days ago and while so many of the pieces they showed I’d love to have in my closet, most were a lot more than I’d want to spend. I thought I’d take a few of their outfit ideas and show you how to create the same look at a much lower price!

The outfit:

the look for less fall outfit

*Now before I lose your attention, if you are someone (like myself) who feels like they’re going to suffocate in a turtleneck, I’ll have some options for you (and me) too! 

This mustard-y/golden/yellow sweater was so striking to me, even though this is a color I don’t ever wear, let alone own. (It always reminds me of my friend Abby, because I think she looks great in this shade!) Anyway, I still like it, and would be interested to try it, especially from the comfort of my own home. :)

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Let’s take a look at the original outfit details:

That brings this outfit to $308. (That does not include the $325 sneakers that I didn’t get in the photograph.)

Are these prices so terrible? Probably not. The jeans are Citizens of Humanity and while I honestly don’t remember if I’ve ever tried on a pair from this brand, I imagine they’re really good quality and will last a long time. I’m not against spending more money on good denim, but right now I’m growing a baby and only want more affordable things that will work for the time being…who knows what size I’ll need a year from now. 

I hit the web and here’s a new outfit I created:

the look for less fall outfit - JK Style

Here are the sweater options I found: the one in the photo, and a couple of non-turtleneck options here and here.

Jeans (these are also on sale right now for just $22!)

Gold Hoops

Ankle Boots

True, the original photo used $350 sneakers but I thought these black ankle boots were a good option! 

Instead of the $300 outfit, I got this under $100 with shoes. And if you catch the sale price of the jeans, they’re even cheaper!

OK, now the question is, would you wear this? Maybe it’s not your color (I actually don’t know if it’s mine) but I like the idea. A pretty classic fall look that is hard to beat! Let me know what you think and if you want to see more “look for less” outfits in the future!

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