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Classic Wardrobe Staple Alert: Striped Tee Shirt

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A striped tee shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that is also a great way to introduce patterns into your wardrobe. These affordable options will be a hit!

When I was doing styling more regularly I’d often get questions about patterns and prints and how to get more comfortable with them. For some, getting dressed is a fun creative challenge, for others it’s overwhelming. 

The thought of incorporating of a pattern of some kind into your clothing might be more than you think you can handle, if so, here’s what I’d always suggest: start with stripes. 

Stripes are clean, sharp, and work well with solids or other patterns. 

Whether you’re a fashion novice or a regular Vogue subscriber, a striped tee shirt will be something that’s easy to work into your wardrobe. A plus? You can find them allllll over the place, from discount to designer. (These are all pretty budget-friendly, starting at $6.99!)

In the summer/spring:

  • Pair them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts
  • They work with sandals just as easily as sneakers!

In the fall/winter

  • Pair them with cardigans and blazers, with jeans and boots, or blazers and heels. 
  • Wear them with wide-legged trousers or pencil skirts for the office. 

Below I have a few ideas on affordable options (in lots of colors!) and if you need ideas on how to style them, I’ve got those too!

striped tee shirts

10 Striped Tee Shirt Favorites 

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a commission at no cost to you.

1. Organic Cotton Vintage T-Shirt

organic cotton vintage striped tee shirt

This is the type of classic shirt you’ll wear for ages and want to replace the second you can’t wear anymore. (For this price, you might want to grab a couple!)


2. Cotton Jersey Striped Top

cotton jersey striped top

Comes in red or navy, and is a great transition piece into the spring or into the fall.


3. Summer Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt Amazon striped tee shirt

This reminds me of a baseball uniform, but in the best way possible. Summer staple, for sure.

4. Women’s Short Sleeve Linen T-Shirt

short sleeve linen t-shirt

Cute, classic, and the linen material means it will stay cool for warm days, and is still office appropriate

5. Striped Long Sleeve Tee

striped long sleeve tee

The pink is fun, but the black/white combo is super chic too.

6. Short-Sleeve Luxe Striped Tee

Old Navy striped tee

Easy on it’s own, also great under your favorite blazer for an elevated casual look.

7. Linen Blend V-Neck Tie-Front T-Shirt

Gap striped tie-front shirt

The tie gives it a little fun twist, but the design will work for years to come.

8. Short Sleeve Vintage Striped T-Shirt

vintage striped tee

Also comes in red/white, but this navy is preppy-chic at its finest.

9. Casual Short Sleeve Round Neck Striped Tee Shirt

striped rainbow tee

Anyone else want to revisit some 80s/90s fashion? This tee, lightwash denim, and you’re good.

10. Striped Long Sleeve Boatneck Tee

red striped tee shirt

I love a boat neck and this tee would be great if you’ve got a business casual dress code – pair it with your favorite pants/trousers or even a skirt. It also comes in a light tan/beige-y shade, but life is too short to wear beige, so stick to the red! :)

Which striped tee shirt is your favorite?


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