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More Shopping Forever 21 (When You’re Not 21)

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I hope you’re ready for a fantastic Thursday! Today, let’s talk Forever 21! I know, I know, you’re rolling your eyes and determined that this blog is now catering to teenage girls or grown women who still want to dress like teenage girls. Give me a chance to explain. You might recall this post I did a couple of years ago (how has it been two years!??) with some tips on how to wear Forever 21 when you’re no longer 21, or anywhere near it!

My thoughts haven’t changed, I still think you can find some great (and super affordable) pieces to add to your closet, no matter your age. Don’t forget these tips:

Tips for shopping Forever 21 when you’re no longer 21
  • Accept that the quality may not be too high. You’re paying $15 for a sweater, deal with it.
  • You might need to size up. Depending on the item, I’ve been known to go up two or three sizes. (Remember how sizes don’t matter? Good.)
  • Ignore mannequin/website styling. Shredded jeans and crop tops not your thing? Look past the belly button at the jacket, bag, leggings, whatever. Remember, you DON’T HAVE TO WEAR IT LIKE THEY DO!

Tips for shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 (but anywhere close to it)- JK Style

This post does contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on or purchase an item through an included link I may earn a small commission, thanks!

Here are my current suggestions on items to add to your shopping cart:

Longline Grid Blazer

Workwear is big right now and this long blazer is such an easy way to dress up your jeans and flats or to finish off your work attire.

longline grid blazer - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style

Faux Fur Longline Coat

Fur is a big trend for fall and this blush shade makes it even more on-trend. This is chic and you’ll be hard pressed to find another coat like this for under $60.

faux fur longline coat -shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style


Faux Suede Draped Cardigan

Pay no attention to the teeny mini skirt here (well, unless that’s the look you’re going for). You can totally wear this cardigan! In fact, you should wear this cardigan! It’s the exact right amount of fabric for draping without being overwhelming and the color is great. This is at the top of my wishlist right now!

Faux suede draped cardigan - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21

Self-Tie Boxy Top

So simple, but the sleeve detail really sets this top apart! This is begging to be worn with your favorite trousers or fitted skirt. Gorgeous!

self-tie boxy top - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style


Ribbed Knit Cardigan

The type of cozy cardigan you’ll live in this fall and winter, this also comes in black and gray. I guarantee you’ll have this on all the time!

ribbed knit cardigan - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style


May Logan Ribbed Knit Poncho 

Remember, you don’t have to wear shredded jeans to wear this poncho. :) If you’re into the fringe poncho look, this is a great piece to add to your closet! (And it comes in camel too.)

May Logan ribbed knit fringe poncho - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21


Brushed Ribbed Knit Sweater

This looks so comfy and the color is gorgeous! (It also comes in ivory if magenta isn’t your thing.) You can dress this down with jeans or dress it up with a great skirt or pair of dress pants.

ribbed knit sweater - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style

Floral Velvet Open-Front Cardigan

Now this may not be everyone’s taste but if this bold cardigan speaks to you, it’s such a great statement piece! I’m thinking I might get one for myself!

Floral velvet open front cardigan - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style


Ribbed Knit Cape Sweater

I am IN LOVE with this sweater. And if I weren’t currently 8 months pregnant and burning up 80% of the time, I’d totally buy it. Talk about sophisticated! (It also comes in grey and camel.)

ribbed knit cape sweater - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21


Pleated Metallic Skirt

No, you don’t have to pair this gorgeous gold skirt with a crop top, no worries! :) But you should pair it with a gorgeous black or ivory sweater and your favorite heels or boots. You’ll make quite an entrance wherever you go!

pleated metallic skirt - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21 - JK Style


Faux Leather Satchel 

Is this bag going to last you for years and be one you pass down to your own daughter? Not a chance. But will it look the part of a statement bag, get you through the rest of the year (and maybe next if you’re careful), AND cost $30? Yes.

Faux leather satchel - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21


Metallic Crossbody Bag

Picture this: you’re wearing your favorite dark jeans, a chic black sweater, the perfect flats. You add this simple gold metallic bag over your shoulder and you’ve got the perfect sophisticated casual outfit. The price is pretty fantastic too! (Also comes in pink.)

metallic crossbody bag - shopping Forever 21 when you're not 21

I mean, I could keep going with this list forever (no pun intended). There are so many wearable pieces from Forever 21 that you need to check out, no matter your age! I’d love to hear what items caught your eye from this post or from their website, please let me know!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the longline blazer and the ribbed knit poncho – they’re right up my street. I still love shopping at Forever 21 even though I’m a LOT older than their target audience LOL

    Louise x

  2. I haven’t been in a Forever 21 in FOREVER! I seriously need to pop in and check out some of these looks.

  3. I do love that Forever21 has some great options for accessory pieces. I always have a few key pieces from here especially from when on sale. They are key for any good wardrobe or fashionista!

  4. I love your tips on ignoring the models and the styling. I feel so old looking at them! I do like the metallic skirt for the holidays, great find!

  5. I like Forever 21 and I like that they deal in Plus Sizes. I believe if you are a go fashionista you can find clothes anywhere.

  6. I like some of forever 21s clothes. My only issue is when they don’t have my size!!

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