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The Look for Less: Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Drop Earrings

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While I am a fan of fashion magazines I am NOT a fan of the many items they try to pass off as “affordable”! In a recent magazine feature I read, they had paired off-the-shoulder tops and drop earrings. Only two tops were under $100 ($99 and $78) and the others were closer to the $300 range. And the earrings? One pair for $28, the others ranging from $200-$400. If that’s your idea of “the perfect pair for everyone!”, well I think you’re missing out on a few of us! Since I don’t want to spend my entire tax refund on an outfit (or half of one), I thought I’d find some top and earring pairings that were actually, dare I say, affordable!

look 1

Top // Earrings 

set 3

Top // Earrings

set 4

Top // Earrings

set 2

Top // Earrings

set 5

Top // Earrings

Top // Earrings

See? It can be done! A few styling tips if you’re going off-the-shoulder:

  • If you’re showing a little shoulder, keep your lower half covered – think maxi skirt, jeans or pants. (Leave your shortest shorts at home!)
  • Make sure it fits – the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction! Make sure the top won’t slip down and you don’t feel like you have to tug on it all night.
  • If you don’t feel like you can wear a strapless bra and feel supported, or you just aren’t comfortable baring your shoulders, you can totally skip the off-the-shoulder trend! Move on to something you feel comfortable in!

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