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4 Fall Dresses from Amazon to Start Wearing Now

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My mind has been on cooler weather and I thought I’d see what fall dresses Amazon has to offer! I found four great and affordable options that are really versatile too! 

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Remember how cocky I was back in June? I posted three times and was all “I’m back! Look at me, I can do anything!”

Yeah, I guess I forgot that the bigger babies get the less they sleep during the day. And considering Pax prefers to catnap rather than take any sort of luxuriously (for both of us) long nap, the days are kind of tricky to schedule.

BUT, I’ve been working on this post over the course of a week. Photographs one day, editing pics another, and finally sitting down to write it, the night before I planned to post.

So, here’s a new post! And I make no promises as to when I’ll be back again. 😆

I recently won an Amazon gift card and while I could have put it towards things like diapers or Indy’s summer water balloon obsession, I decided to spend it all on myself. Every last cent went to purchasing things for myself and I don’t regret it one bit!

As someone who is OVER summer clothes I snagged a few dresses that will be perfect transition pieces into the cooler months. Plus, there are a few great options for work if you’re needing to add a new piece or two.

I’ll share a picture of each dress, plus how I’d style it both now (end of summer) and later through fall. Let me know what you think!

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: Um, I need to clean my mirror so if you notice my feet look all weird/distorted, those are Indy’s handprints haha. 

The Best Fall Dresses Amazon Has Right Now:

1. Floral Wrap Dress 

fall dresses Amazon- floral wrap dress

This is giving me big time 90s vibes with the tiny floral print. I’m usually not big on florals but I’m liking this tiny print! This is a full wrap dress and fits true to size. I’m wearing mine over one of those half camis, just FYI. I’m still a bit curvier post-pregnancy but keep this in mind if you are on the bustier side. You’ll either want to size up or plan accordingly!

  • How I’d wear it now: simple black sandals and a cute crossbody bag
  • How I’d wear it later: black booties and a black moto jacket

2. Red Fitted Pencil Dress

red pencil dress - fall dresses Amazon

This is a really great and super affordable option for work! Again, I’m pretty curvy normally and a little extra curvy right now so if you’re not on the curvy side, you can see the Amazon model, it’s still a great fit! This material is thin but not too thin, if you know what I mean. Very comfy and easy to dress up or down.

  • How I’d wear it now: with a cute shoulder bag and strappy heels
  • How I’d wear it later: with a chic tote, black blazer and heels, like below.

fall dresses on Amazon

Similar blazer/Dress

3. Little Black Dress

little black dress - fall dresses Amazon
Good grief, I’ve got to clean that mirror.

This is a great dress!! The material is a comfy, stretchy knit but it looks super chic! It has an elastic waist and a faux-wrap panel and it’s a great length. I really, really love this dress! Another amazing option for work or lots of other occasions.

  • How I’d wear it now: with my strappy sandals and a colorful bag
  • How I’d wear it later: with a great moto jacket or blazer and cute heels, like this:

little black dress and blazer - fall dresses Amazon

((hint, hint, if I was only to buy one of these dresses, this black one is the most versatile and a truly great LBD.))

4. Full Sleeve Tiered Dress

burgundy fall dress

Apparently I saved the dirtiest mirror pic for last. Seriously, grabbing the Windex immediately after I’m done here. 

This burgundy shade is perfect for fall and the subtle tiers hit the trends without being too much, you know? 

This dress is great as is, but you can also play around with it a bit! I left top part open (it has a button closure, I just folded it under) and added my half cami. Then I paired a black belt and it’s a totally different look. What do you think?

fall burgundy dress with belt

Belt option/cami option

  • How I’d wear it now: with cute brown or black slides/flat sandals
  • How I’d wear it later: either with the black belt/cami look and sandals or on it’s own with tall boots and a crossbody bag. A good fall look that can go breezy casual or work appropriate depending on how you style it!

Are you ready for fall clothes? What’s on your shopping list for this season? Let me know what you’re looking for (work ideas, transition pieces, accessories, etc.) and I’ll try to plan some posts around it!

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4 fall dresses from Amazon

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