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5 Winter Coats Under $50

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Can the words “fashion coats” even go together? I think they do! These five winter coats will not only keep you warm, they’ll keep you looking stylish at the same time!

It finally felt like winter around here yesterday (meaning, I decided not to leave the house, ha!) but inevitably, there’s a day that I will need to step outside! When I do, a warm coat is a must and bonus points if it’s actually stylish.

I’ve put together quite a collection over the years of dress coats – beautiful, tailored coats that are perfect for looking stylish as you walk in and out of buildings or go to the car. But what about those times you have to actually stay outside for longer than it takes to walk to something?

In the past I’ve relied on a basic black North Face jacket, which, though warm, isn’t really the stylish aesthetic I’m looking for. I thought this is the year I needed to invest in a super warm winter coat that’s both functional and stylish. 

I did in fact find what I was looking for (at an incredible price!) and thought I’d share it, and a few other great options, in case you’re also in need of a little added warmth this winter! (That same coat also made my 2020 Gift Guide, if you haven’t seen it yet!)

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Affordable & Warm Fashion Coats 

affordable fashion coats - JK Style

5 Warm Winter Coats Under $50

I think we’ve proven that function and fashion can co-exist! These warm and affordable fashion coats will be perfect for winter! 

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