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The Look for Less: Plaid and Distressed Denim Look

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Looking for a cute and affordable fall outfit idea? I’m getting inspiration to create budget-friendly looks that you’ll love!

What a week, right? Oh wait, I think I meant year. This week was just par for the course really. (Seriously, did anyone *actually* think that if Kanye were going to be president, that 2020 would make the most sense? I mean, it’s kind of hard to surprise me anymore this year. Wait, I don’t want to tempt fate, I take that back!) 

Anyway. As I type this the election is still yet to be decided, though, maybe by the time you read this we’ll have an answer. ???

I know of no graceful transition other than,” let’s now talk about clothing”. So, let’s do it.

Another photo I snapped recently from the fall Evereve catalog was of this casual jeans look. I’ll be honest, I don’t really own any plaid. Just not really my thing, but, I know for a fact some of you love the look of a plaid button down paired with jeans for fall, so who am I to stand in your way?

affordable fall outfit idea - JK Style

In fact, I’ll enable you further by helping you secure this very look, while sticking to a more affordable budget.

Let’s start with the original look:

That brings the total for this outfit to: $521

Which is actually still a lot cheaper than the last outfit, remember? Still, not exactly what I’d call “affordable”. 

OK, so considering this outfit consists of some good basic pieces (jeans, black pumps, etc.), I predict we can find some good, cheaper alternatives.

Affordable Fall Outfit Idea

affordable fall outfit idea - plaid look - JK Style

Not too bad, right? And that plaid shirt really is a full-length, the photo I found just had it tucked in and my photo editing skills are not that good. :)

Plaid Shirt: This was on sale for $29 and is currently down to $24 is you use the coupon code they list!

Camisole$18 and this is a great layering piece to have!

Jeans: I found this similar pair at Walmart! 

Ring: I thought this would be the trickiest to find and I was right! I think my option is a pretty good dupe, don’t you?

Necklace: This $16 version is on Amazon, but if you don’t mind a few stones in it, here’s one for just $5!

Pumps: Amazon to the rescue with this under-$30 pair of dressy pumps. 

One of the nice things about this affordable fall outfit idea is that since it’s built on basics – black cami, jeans, black pumps, you may already own a few of these items. Really to complete the look the plaid shirt is key, other than that, you can mix and match with what you have! Not feeling the black pumps? Grab some ankle boots or black flats instead!

What do you think? Did I nail this plaid/distressed denim fall outfit look?

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