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5 Affordable Cozy Cardigans to Live in Right Now

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If comfort is what you need, I’m here to help. Take a look at these affordable cozy cardigans I’ve found and let me know which is your favorite!

When I went to put away laundry the other day I realized my drawer of sweaters and sweatshirts was getting a bit full. Like, I could barely close the drawer, full. I think it’s due to the increase in my “2020 loungewear” buying. I’m happy with the things I’ve bought, but don’t think I can fit another cozy/warm item in there without having to start getting rid of some items (and I really like what I have!). Looks like it’s now cozy cardigan-buying time. :) 

Not only will this expand the life of my shorter-sleeved items, there are some super comfy ones out there that feel like you’re wrapped in a big blanket, which is probably what we could all use right about now. 

I love having a good, light-weight cardigan to throw on at home, especially in the mornings when I always wake up cold. I’ve been looking for a few more options since some of mine are wearing out! 

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I found a few great options that are currently available, and all are at great prices. Any of these would work for home but are also perfect for ventures outside the house as well. :)

affordable cozy cardigans - JK Style

5 Affordable Cozy Cardigans

5 Cozy Cardigans Under $40

If comfort is what you're after, these five cozy cardigans should do the trick. Which of these will you want to live in all winter long?

I’m not sure but I think that oversized, chunky, kimono-style cardigan might be what I need. 

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affordable cozy cardigans - JK Style

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