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What I’d Buy: $50 at Nordstrom Rack

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It’s Thrifty Thursday, and today I’m sharing some affordable finds at Nordstrom Rack, all $50 and under!

Another week is almost behind us, which means it’s time to treat ourselves, duh. (“Duh” is definitely a term that’s going to show my age, right? I’m guessing the younger generations say something else by now…) Let’s celebrate the end of another week in 2020 with a little shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack!

I was given a gift card to Nordstrom Rack a while back and at the time I thought I’d hang on to it until I could go visit in person (there’s one in OKC), but considering I’m probably going to pretty much be strictly online shopping until at least early next year (and by then I’ll have a newborn), I might as well use it now!

The gift card is for $50 so I thought I’d see what options I might find and that I could share with you! Nordstrom Rack is always one of my go-tos when I’m having a regular shopping day, or an online shopping day. Which, let’s be honest, it’s not too infrequent. ;)

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Here are some of my under-$50 picks at Nordstrom Rack. 

50 and under Nordstrom Rack finds

$50 and Under Finds at Nordstrom Rack 

What I'd Buy: $50 at Nordstrom Rock

I've got a $50 gift card to spend so let's see what I can find to hit my limit!

Nordstrom Rack offers free shipping over $49 and while I haven’t decided what to get just yet (feel free to weigh-in!), if I’m not quite at the shipping limit I think I’ll throw in a pair of these studs:

CZ Stud Earrings

CZ Stud Earrings

Just $8 and would make a great gift for someone this year…if I don’t end up keeping them for myself. :)

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