Thrifty Thursday: Target

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Who hasn’t gone into Target for the sole purpose of buying one item, like trash bags, only to leave about $200 lighter? It happens to me all the time! And honestly, I don’t really mind! I could (and have) browsed Target for hours on hours and never seem to tire of it! And since I know a lot of you also love Target, I thought it would make an excellent subject for today’s Thrifty Thursday finds! Also, before we get into some items to add to your shopping cart, let’s talk about ways to save at Target. (This isn’t an ad, I’m just sharing what I do!)


Red Card
Do you have a Red Card? Once they introduced the one that is a debit card I signed up! It comes directly out of my checking account and you save 5% on your purchase. There are a few other perks too – free shipping on online orders and longer return times. I also really like that every time on my receipt they show me how much I’ve saved both that trip but also a year-total! (So far this year I’ve saved over $30 just from using my card.)
Cartwheel App
Another must-have for Target lovers. Simply open the Cartwheel app, scan items as you pick them up and see which items are on sale! I’m not gonna lie, I get a little too excited about this app! But when you scan the throw pillows you want and discover you can save an extra 15% off or that all women’s clothing is buy 1, get 1 half off, it’s awesome! Once you’re ready to check out you just have them scan your phone and all your savings appear! This one is a must-get. Download it!


green floral skirt

ISANI for Target Tie Waist Skirt (online only!)


short sleeve sheath

Short Sleeve Sheath Dress


isani for target maxi dress

ISANI for Target Knit Maxi Dress (online only!)


Isani for target tee

ISANI for Target sleeveless tee (online only!)


Flutter jumpsuit

Flutter Jumpsuit


chandi strappy maxi

Chandi Strappy Maxi (online only!) 


embellished jumpsuit

Embellished Jumpsuit


kimono jacket

Kimono Jacket 


knife pleat skirt

Knife Pleat Skirt



women's striped tee

Striped Tee


What’s on your list?

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