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Thrifty Thursday: SheIn

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If you saw my post on Monday, you know I recently ordered some clothes from a new store recently, SheIn. They seemed a little too good to be true, cute clothes at ridiculously cheap prices? Before I did a proper review of them for Thrifty Thursday, I figured it was only good research to order a few items first to see how the clothing stacked up in person! Do you see the sacrifices I make for you all? :)  


I ordered five items:

  • Zipper Pocket Jacket ($16.50 on clearance, sold out)

zippered jacket

I knew from the size chart that I should probably order a medium or large but they only had a size small available so I went for it. It’s definitely snug through the arms and bust but I think I can still make it work! The quality was good too for an under-$20 jacket!




I know, all this talk about how I don’t wear many t-shirts and here I am buying them! But really, I don’t have too many casual clothing items and if I’m going to wear a t-shirt, it might as well have London and Paris on it, right? This is a one-size fits all item so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is more fitted than baggy and would probably run in the small/medium range. I was happy with the quality/price/sizing on this one. (This also comes in black.)


shein white round neck print chiffon top


This is the top I styled on Monday’s “1 Item, 5 Ways” post. Another one-size fits item, I was really pleased with the quality/size of this one. Because of how flowy it is, I think it’s a little more “one-size” friendly than maybe the t-shirt. For $8, I was very happy with this!




I couldn’t resist $4 earrings! These were exactly as I expected, so no complaints there! $4!




I really wanted to like this skirt. I love the idea of it, the photos of it, but the actual skirt, not so much. First of all, I should have ordered a different size. Normally I would automatically order a size small in this skirt, or maybe even an extra-small. They only had sizes medium and large available so I went with the medium. It is SNUG. But that wasn’t my biggest issue, my biggest issue is the back:


This is a $14 skirt, I know, but I can’t handle the mismatched stripes. I looked on the website to see their photo of the back and it looks like this: 


Yeah, I think this item is headed back! I think that I would order a skirt from them in a solid fabric, but I don’t know that I’d do a pattern like this again. 

I bought 5 items for a total of $52.62, which is pretty great! I qualified for free shipping (orders over $50), and my total reflects the 30% off coupon code I had at the time. Overall, I’d definitely order from SheIn again now that I know a little more of what to expect!

A few tips if you plan to order from SheIn:

  • Make sure you read the size charts (and for those of us non-metric folks, be prepared to convert them from cm). When in doubt, go up in size.
  • You get what you pay for – while I certainly don’t expect these items to be passed down to my grandchildren one day, they should hold up for a few seasons, which is fine with me!
  • When you first visit the website, sign up with an email address for a welcome discount – I received a code for 30% off. A few of the items I purchased were already on sale so they weren’t affected, but items that were discounted at 20%, were cut further. 


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  1. I ordered a kimono from this site and I really like it! The old adage is true that you get what you pay for, but a deal’s a deal, right?
    love that jacket…can’t wait to see it on you! jodie

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