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Now everybody in the world that’s considered to be knowledgeable on fashion has put together their “must have” list of staple wardrobe pieces. That many lists can be a little daunting! Plus most salespeople will tell you that “item x” is the must-have for everyone!

I’ll save you some time and effort by giving you my own list of essentials.

1. A Little Black Dress

No surprise here, you’ve been hearing this for years! Still, it’s shocking how many women still DON’T own one!

Find the black dress that fits your body type (look here for info on body types) and you’ll be amazed at how often you wear it. Changing up accessories can give your LBD an entirely new look and feel.

2. A great fitting pair of jeans

A great pair of jeans can be dressed up or down and can get you through many occasions.  If you only have one pair, make it a dark wash. A darker pair is much more versatile and goes great through every season and from day to night.

Best bet, if you find the PERFECT  pair of jeans, buy (at least) two pair. Have one altered for heels, one for flats.

3. A great fitting pair of pants

When an event or activity calls for something a little dressier than jeans but you’re just not feeling a skirt or dress (or it’s really cold where you live), a great fitting pair of pants can do the job.

A black pair is especially versatile and always on trend, but don’t be afraid to try a dark brown or even a brighter color like red or blue.

 4. A perfectly cut blazer

You can dress up almost anything instantly by adding a jacket or blazer. If your style falls on the “always casual” side, at least consider a light weight cardigan.

Adding a blazer to jeans and a t-shirt instantly takes it up a few notches, and adding one over a dress both provides warmth (why is always so cold inside everywhere?) and makes you look more polished.

Make sure you find a style that hits you in the right places – not too long or short and if structured, it should cut in at the smallest part of your waist. A black blazer is always my first suggestion, but definitely branch out and try other colors if you’d like.


 5. 5+ Tops (per season)

I recommend at least 5 different tops (per season) that you can wear with jeans, skirts and pants. Pick styles and colors that work for you. (Tip, turtlenecks are not flattering on everyone. Find the right styles for your body!)

6. A great lightweight jacket

Now if you live somewhere that is 80 degrees year round, ignore. But for those of us who experience cooler temps, a lightweight jacket is key.

For days when it’s not quite cold enough for a big winter coat, grab a light weight trench coat or jacket. I bought a black trench a few years back and wear it all the time. It’s dressy enough for dresses and skirts, but still looks great with jeans.

7. Proper fitting undergarments.

No one likes to talk about this, but getting the right undergarments sets the foundation for your look.

Have a proper bra fitting done every 6 months (or at least every year) and more frequent if you gain or lose weight.

Make sure your underwear both fits (please!) and is not visible through your clothing (no seams, lines or straps showing). There are so many styles now that can help ensure a smooth, seamless look.


8. A shoe for day

You need at least one pair of shoes that will take you through a day of running errands and grocery shopping that aren’t sneakers. That’s right, you don’t have to wear sneakers to the grocery store! And no, a good day shoe is not considered a pair of Tom’s and it’s definitely not a pair of Crocs. (For the love of all things good, please, no Crocs.)

If you insist on heels all day, every day, keep it under 4 inches (for your body’s sake) and a good ankle strap can help keep your feet from feeling unstable when doing a lot of walking. Also, a pair with a heel that’s a little bit wider can make a huge difference to your comfort level.


9.  A shoe for night

I want to say black heels, but for some of you, heels may not be an option anymore or you just flat out refuse! For those open to it though a good black pump will carry you through many outfits and events.

While picking up a trendy shoe for $20 can be fun, it’s wise to spend a little more on a classic pair that you will wear often.


10. A good, every day bag 

Do you need to invest in a Louis Vuitton bag? Not necessarily. Look for a quality bag that can withstand every day (or several days a week) use without the handles or straps peeling or the hardware coming loose or off. You’ll save money in the long run by spending a little more up front than if you have to buy several bags that wear out easily.

If you can only afford a $20 bag, then by all means, only spend $20. Just look for a classic style that you know will go with many outfits.


That’s my list! In the coming weeks I’ll go through each item on the list, one at a time to help you find the perfect style of each for you!

Agree or disagree with any on my list? Let’s discuss! Leave me a comment or question!

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  1. Nancy Soliz says:

    Cant wait to shop with this list!

  2. christi jeffreys says:

    I almost bought some crocs just to wear around the house, so glad you talked me out of it. I also love my new scarf!

    1. So glad you like the scarf! (And I have a pair of hideous house shoes I wear around the house…don’t tell anyone!) :)

  3. This is great! Love the topic, very necessary :)

  4. Ashleigh says:

    I just thought you should know…I don’t even wear Crocs at work anymore. I have Dansko clogs and they have changed my life…haha! I’m really loving your blog!

    1. Thanks! And I’m very proud of you, ha!

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