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The Only Bar I’ll Frequent…

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Have you tried a blow-dry bar yet? If you’re not familiar, a blow-dry bar, or blow-out bar, is similar to a salon experience, only there’s no cutting, just someone shampooing and styling your hair. Marvelous.

I’ve been following Dry/Shop in OKC since they opened back in August and just now had a chance to check them out. I need to have some photos taken so I made an appointment before the shoot. We had to reschedule the shoot due to weather but I kept the hair appointment! And it was glorious.

Photo of their website

The shop is super cute (think lots of pink and white). I didn’t think to take any pics while I was there, but if you check out their website or FB page you’ll get the idea.

I went with the customized blow-out and style

Things I loved about it:

1. I’ve had my hair washed at many a salon and there’s usually a lot of discomfort to my neck going on during the shampoo so it’s hard to actually relax. Maybe I have an odd-shaped neck? Anyway, this one was totally comfortable and relaxing.

2. Actually, the whole thing was relaxing. Something about watching someone dry your hair in sections and pin them to your head is kind of hypnotizing. I’m pretty sure I told my stylist, Kristen, that it was “mesmerizing”, which may have sounded creepy now that I think about it. Sorry Kristen.

3. The results! I’m not much for “selfies”, or photos of myself in general, but I did take a couple of snapshots for a before and after.

4. The entire time my hair was being styled I was staring at this really cute top in the mirror hanging behind me in the boutique section. How smart/dangerous is that? You feel really good about yourself after getting an amazing blow-out and then buy cute clothes. Genius.

I indulged myself in a couple of items, and WILL be going back.

I bought this gorgous beaded top:

Photo from Polyvore

And this metallic gold dress, which I’ll probably wear with leggings or skinny jeans since it might be a bit short on me.

Photo from Neiman Marcus site


I’m in love with this fabric.

Apparently I’ve still got a black/gold thing going on.

So, the photo shoot has been rescheduled which means another trip to Dry/Shop in the coming days. I’m never washing my own hair again.

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  1. Brooke Boyd says:

    So I have waiting to tell the difference on a blow dry shop on a normal person. No offense, and I love your after pic.

    1. Ha, none taken!

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