The Look for Less: Coats and Bags

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In the November issue of InStyle Magazine, they have an article on coat and top-handle bag combinations. As usual, they’re all fantastic. And as expected, not exactly in my price range!
 image1 (5)
The most affordable item on the list? A $50 H&M bag. And it’s paired with a $865 Theory coat! Only one coat in the photo was under $300! (And most of them are between $600 and $1,200.) Determined to show more affordable finds, I present to you, The Look for Less: Coats and Bags addition! (The price shown next to each look is the combined total for both items!)


coat bag 1

Coat // Bag


coat bag 2

Coat // Bag 


coat bag 3

Coat // Bag 


coat bag 4

Coat // Bag


coat and bag 5

Coat // Bag 


coat and bag 6

Coat // Bag


It’s entirely possible to find gorgeous coats and bags at any price point! Which combination is your favorite?

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