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Swimsuit Shopping in January

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I received an email from a good friend of mine a few days ago asking for some advice on swimsuit shopping. She thought it would make a good blog post, and she’s right! So Lauren, (and anyone else who reads this) hope this helps! I’ve listed below some shopping tips based on body shape (see post here for more info on body shapes). Click on the photos for item info.
Apple – round or square torso, straight waist, thinner legs.
  • For coverage at the waist, ruching can be very flattering
  • Draping also creates a nice waistline
  • Lycra is great at pulling you all in
  • If you’re looking for a two-piece, find a waist-band that cuts straight across your waist (rather than scooping). One with a rolled band gives you the option of more or less coverage.
  • If you’re pretty self-conscious of your waist, don’t be afraid to look at a tankini. There are actually some really cute options these days!
  • A deep v-cut neckline will elongate your neck and draw the eye upward

Apple Shape Swimwear


Pear – More bottom heavy, wider hips with narrow shoulders
  • For a flattering look on full hips, find bottoms that hit your sides in just the right spot; side ties let you choose how tight to go.
  • A medium cut opening elongates the leg. (Just don’t go too high to show too much hip.)
  • A higher neckline and added shoulder detail can balance you out
  • A pretty print on top draws the eye upward, especially when combined with a dark, perfect fitting bottom
  • To hide a “muffin-top”, look for a long tankini

Pear Shape Swimwear

Hourglass – curvy, tapered waist, breast and hips close to equal proportion
  • If you want something with more coverage, look for a higher neckline but make sure you have underwire and reinforced straps if you have a larger bust.
  • Avoid heavy draping or anything that adds bulk to your waist.
  • Anything belted or with horizontal lines cut directly across the smallest part of the waist is really flattering.
  • A bottom with a  fitted skirt can help balance out a large chest.

Hourglass Shape Swimwear


Athletic – more top heavy, wider shoulders with narrow hips
  • A bottom with a skirt or pleats will help balance out wide shoulders
  • Avoid halter tops that emphasize the shoulders
  • High necklines will add bulk to the shoulders, look for a lower, open neckline
  • A printed bottom with darker top will even out your proportions
  • If you have a long torso, a tankini can help shorten the upper body
  • Look for feminine cuts and details like ruffles 

 Athletic Shape Swimwear


“Slim and Straight” – thin, slim hips, small bust and waist, little to no waist definition (I think “slim and straight” sounds much more feminine than the former category name “boyish”!)
  • Strategic seaming can add the illusion of curves where there are none. Look for piping that cute in at the bust and down the waist.
  • Look for added details at the hip – larger ties or ruffles will add to your frame
  • A wider cut bottom will also emphasize the hips, think 1940s style
  • A larger print will add some shape to a straight form
  • Color blocking along the sides will also give the look of more curves
  • An addition to your top – ring, center knot, bow, etc. will help create a bustline
  • A suit with a zigzag effect can help suggest curves

Straight Slim Shape Swimwear

Some general tips:
  • Tiny prints and vertical stripes are flattering on areas you’d like to de-emphasize. Try larger prints on areas you’d like to show off.
  • Higher cut bottoms will elongate your legs (just don’t go too high!)
  • Keep trying until you find something that fits AND flatters. Just because you can get it on, doesn’t mean you should wear it.
  • If you insist on a 2-piece, keep in mind that when swimsuit shopping, less ISN’T more. Don’t grab the skimpiest bikini just because you can. The rest of us appreciate it. In fact, I LOVE seeing women who aren’t afraid to be MODEST. I could add a lot more here, but I’ll just leave it at that.
  • A cover-up can be your best friend! If you’re not comfortable showing a lot of skin (or even a little), grab a cute cover-up you can wear until you hit the water. Some of my favorites:


OK, who’s ready for a trip to the beach?   

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