Summer Dresses I Need to Survive the Heat

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I pretty much boycott all fitted clothes/pants during the hot months, which means summer dresses are my favorite. I’ve got 8 great ones to try, and there’s only one over $30! 

For someone who only wants to wear comfy and cool dresses in the summertime I really don’t have a ton. So when Indy wants to play outside (again) I keep wanting to reach for this black and white striped maxi dress I have, which probably needs a little break.

I mean, it’s super comfy and cool (um, and totally a maternity dress, but don’t tell – oh, and NOT pregnant, just FYI.) But, you can only sweat so much in a dress before you need to wash it and wear something else, right?

I decided I need to expand my summer dress selection AND I found a couple of Amazon gift cards so I thought I’d see what I could find!

My requirements:

  • Lightweight fabric – duh
  • Midi or maxi length, preferably maxi 
  • Short-sleeve or sleeveless but I can still wear a regular bra with – I don’t want to mess with strapless bras when I’m playing outside with Indy, thankyouverymuch.
  • Fun colors or patterns. I have several in black but want to branch out a bit!
  • Cheap! Well, in price, not quality. On my list below most of these are in the $25-$28 it seems, though one (my favorite, of course) is closer to $50.

I already purchased a couple, but I’m still contemplating a few others, let me know which ones you like best!

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8 Summer Dresses We All Need

Summer Dresses I Need to Survive the Heat

If you also refuse pants during the summer (or just want to change up your look a bit), here are 8 great summer dresses to try from Amazon.

What do you think? Are you ready to join me in a summer dress-only pact? Let’s do it! 

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