Stylish Face Masks to Try

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If we’ve got to wear them, they might as well be cute, right? I’m sharing some of the stylish face masks I’ve found and purchased. Share your favorites with me!

Remember when I used to write about face masks when it meant something different? I’ve written so many times about my love of face masks – creams/gels/sheets, etc., and yet, here I am now, writing about face masks of the fabric kind. The ones designed to help keep us all healthy and safe!

If you’re reading this I’m just going to assume I don’t need to convince of you why you need a mask, so let’s talk some of the ones I’ve bought.

stylish face masks - JK Style

While I honestly don’t have to go many places (I work from home and utilize all things pick-up/delivery these days), there are times when I have to be in public places or around other people, mainly for my doctor’s appointments, so I want to make sure I’ve got some mask options!

I thought if I had a handful of masks that would ensure I had enough for a week without having to wash them each night. I now have seven and think I should be set. This doesn’t include the box of 50 disposable masks we keep on hand, just in case. But those aren’t cute. Let’s talk cute. :)

Here are the stylish face masks I now own – I’ll share a bit about the fabric, fit, and whether they pass the candle test! (Meaning I’m not able to blow out a candle while wearing one – that’s how I saw Bill Nye explain why we should wear them!)

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

1. Paris & London Masks from Roni the Travel Guru

The first cloth masks I bought were from a travel blogger I’ve followed for quite a while. Roni hasn’t been traveling during this time, of course, so I love that I can still help support her business right now. I’ve purchased two different masks for myself and one for Brent – he likes the fit of these and my mom has purchased a couple of these too. 

The ones I own are “Oh La La” (Paris) and “Mind the Gap” (London).

Fabric: Two layers of cotton with an opening so you can add your own filter if you’d like

Fit: The ones I have go over the head instead of around the ears. I find these to fit better to the face but you do have to mess a tiny bit more to get them looking nice on your head. Not a huge deal though. I don’t know that it was an option when I ordered but you can now choose this style or for the elastic to go around your ears if you’d like. 

Do they pass the candle test? Yes! I was not able to blow out a candle wearing these masks.

Price: $15 with $5 shipping OR free shipping if you buy two or more. Several prints to choose from.

2. Pack of 3 Tie-Dye Inspired from Jill Zarin Home

stylish face masks from Jill Zarin Home - JK Style

Yes, the same Jill Zarin of former Real Housewives fame. I saw someone on Instagram (OK, it was a former Bachelor contestant – I think I follow too many reality television stars) talk about how these masks she was wearing were the most comfortable she had found. 

I figured they were worth trying! Turns out, they were from Jill Zarin’s home company and are really cute. They are super comfortable too. Worth noting – these smelled super perfume-y when I opened them but a turn in the washing machine took care of it.

I don’t see the exact set I bought but they have a lot to choose from. 

Fabric: These are a soft, stretchy cotton.

Fit: Goes over the ears and the mask fit my face nicely.

Does it pass the candle test? Yes! I honestly didn’t know if it would because these felt almost too breathable. The candle didn’t budge though! 

Price: $40 for a package of three, or other individual masks from $20.  There are several colors/sets to choose from.

3. Cotton Facemasks from Vera Bradley

stylish face masks from Vera Bradley - JK Style

I saw another friend mention on Facebook that the Vera Bradley face masks were the most comfortable she had found, naturally I needed to check it out! I’ve got to be honest, this is my first Vera Bradley purchase. I’ve never really been a fan of their particular aesthetic, it’s just not for me. BUT, they did have some cute face masks and I bought two different styles to try.

First, the regular cotton face mask (in Midnight Wildflowers)

Fabric: Two layers of cotton with opening for a filter.

Fit: This one fits comfortably over the ears. It seemed pretty loose on my face (I will admit I may have a smaller than average head) but I haven’t washed it yet (just opened it) and they say that washing will give it the best fit.

Does it pass the candle test? It does, I could not blow out a candle wearing it.

Price: $8

Now for the pleated mask (in Charming Grove):

Fabric: Two layers of cotton with opening for a filter

Fit: This one fits around the head, so no pressure on your ears if that bothers you. The elastic is also adjustable so that gives you a great fit. 

Does it pass the candle test? It does, I could not blow out a candle wearing it.

Price: $8

Honestly, each of these masks serves its purpose and looks cute, so I really can’t pick favorites. As someone who likes to accessorize, choosing between them is just a matter of finding what works with my outfit. :)

Do you have other favorite stylish face masks that you’ve found? I’d love to hear what you’re buying! 

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