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I’m not really a shorts person. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I wore shorts out in public. (Wearing boys boxer shorts around the house and out to check the mail not counting.) I love wearing dresses and skirts so this shouldn’t be too different right? I’m determined to buy (and wear!) some this year. And I’m starting my search right now! (Feel free to give me suggestions as to your favorite brands/styles!) I’m trying to find something that’s between a regular short (too short) and walking short (a little longer than I’d like!)

The J. Crew Factory Chino Shorts look like an option. And I’m kind of digging this yellow. Especially considering the numerous black tops I’ve got!

J.Crew Factory shorts
J.Crew Factory


j crew chino shorts

I like the tailored look of this pair from the Limited also.


limited tailored shorts

limited shorts

And this pair from Zara is nice, but do I dare think I can keep white shorts clean??

zara shorts

white zara shorts

These American Living Shorts from Macy’s are versatile and currently on sale!

macys american living shorts


macys american living shorts

What do you think? Which pair is your favorite?

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