Shop Online for Clothes? You Need These 5 Things.

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Shopping online tips that will help you out! I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you buy cute clothes and accessories that FIT from the comfort of home!

Even if you weren’t big on online shopping in the past, chances are you’ve made more than a clothing purchase or two online in the past couple of years. I know I’ve certainly bought more things online than in-person by a landslide. (Let’s not actually calculate though, OK?)

As someone who it fairly adept at making online purchases I’m happy with, I thoughtggf.kjp I’d share a couple of tips and things that have made buying a little easier when you can’t get your hands on the items ahead of purchasing.

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Shopping Online Tips and Tricks

First, a few pros and cons of shopping online:


  • Don’t get to view the item in person first
  • Unless you have a specific item in mind, you might have to search for a while to see what interests you
  • Have to deal with returns of unwanted items you purchased


  • You can shop whenever you want AND in your pajamas
  • Have the WHOLE WORLD at your fingertips – access to lots of cool stores!
  • You get to look for online promo codes before you check out

And now, a few items to have at home to make sure your shopping excursion is a success!

1. A full-length mirror

You don’t get the benefit of dressing room mirrors and lighting when you shop online, so giving yourself a nice place to try on clothing is a must. For me, I have a full-length mirror that hangs over the door so I can get a view of my full outfit. 

You can find a lot of affordable options, but this is similar to what I have.

Over the door mirror

2. A steamer

It’s great when the dress you bought in the store comes home with you on the hanger and in a nice garment bag. When it comes in a box, though? It can be another story. Depending on the fabric and packaging, your clothing items might arrive a crumpled mess (though most stores at least try to pack things nicely). 

Shopping online tips- travel steamer

Travel steamer

A steamer really comes in handy and honestly, I use mine ALL the time. (In fact, I don’t remember the last time I actually used an iron!) I do have a full size steamer but my small travel-friendly one is the one I use the most. Fill it with distilled water and you’re good to go! 

3. A measuring tape

Since by now we all know that clothing sizes don’t really mean much, using the size chart is your best bet when ordering clothing online. This means a tape measure is a must-have for getting the best fit. 

4. A shoe measuring tool

While shoe sizes tend to be a little more standard across the board, it doesn’t hurt to have one of those trays that measures your feet for the most accurate fit. While shoe size may not fluctuate as much as clothing sizes, your feet may have changed more than you think!

If you’ve had kids in the last few years you know that your shoe size can be affected, and if you’ve still got those kids around, you know their feet are growing overnight and yesterday’s shoes won’t fit today.

Shopping online tips

Shoe measuring tool

A shoe measuring tool is inexpensive and easy to store in a drawer or closet and will really come in handy! 

5. A ring measuring tool

Like clothing size, your ring size can fluctuate too. Plus, with 10 fingers of varying sizes, you may want the option to shop for a ring to wear on the third finger of your left hand, or even a thumb ring for your right hand. A ring measuring tool will give you the right fit.

Ring measuring tool

Ring measuring tool

I bought one of these after I used my Kendra Scott birthday discount to purchase a GORGEOUS ring that I mis-sized and now can’t wear. (For some reason I bought it three times too big?) Never again! Now I’ll get the perfect fit and have this tiny little tool to thank.

Do you have more tricks for shopping online? Tips like these can help you shop easier, and with great success!



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