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Another post I’ve been meaning to get to for awhile, I visited Trove Vintage & Bridal when I was on my Portland/Seattle trip back in June. My friend Abby (who lives in Seattle) took us one morning into Ballard, a suburb of Seattle to do a little shopping and I was thrilled to check out this fun little vintage shop!

Trove Vintage & Bridal Seattle - JK Style

My first thought when I stepped inside of course was that I wish I had found it last year! (You know, back when I was spending my days looking for vintage 1950s dresses!)

Trove Vintage & Bridal in Seattle - JK Style review

Trove Vintage & Bridal accessories

vintage bags from Trove Vintage & Bridal - JK Style

I didn’t end up buying anything during my trip, but my friend Kelsey scored a gorgeous travel bag! I’m sure I could have found something (or several somethings) I needed if I had spent more time shopping.

Trove Vintage & Bridal dress - JK Style

I mean, look how gorgeous these dresses are!

vintage dresses from Trove Vintage & Bridal - JK Style

My one regret was my visit was not sneaking in to take a closer peek at the vintage bridal section in the back. I peered around the curtain and it. was. a. dream. Oh my goodness, if you’re in the market for a vintage bridal gown this is where you need to go! Maybe I can talk the director of the next movie I style into a wedding scene that requires a vintage gown!

vintage dresses from Trove Vintage & Bridal - JK Style review

Looks like I better plan another trip to Seattle soon! In the meantime, they do have an Etsy shop to tide me over!

Trove Vintage & Bridal dress - JK Style

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