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Let’s visit Elevate Boutique in Long Beach, California! (Or online, if that works better for you!)

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a proper boutique review but it’s high time I get back to it!

Previously I’ve covered some of my favorite local shops but considering how often I am traveling to California these days, “local” is starting to look a little different!

If you’re not already aware, Indy is a patient at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute which means we are in Long Beach every 8-10 weeks. Since I’m there so often, I thought it was time to start checking out the local shopping scene! And don’t worry, they are online too, so you don’t have to be local to visit!

On my quest to see what Long Beach had to offer in the way of fun boutiques, I first asked my fellow Food Allergy Institute moms if anyone had recommendations. Not surprising, no one did!

These trips are always so focused on the kids (of course!) BUT, I’m going to share these in hopes that maybe we can all start taking the occasional moment to do something for ourselves whenever we are in town. SoCal moms, this is for you!

Elevate Boutique

I went to Instragram in search of boutiques and made a short list before deciding on Elevate Boutique as my first stop! And as luck would have it, it ended up being a two minute drive from our Airbnb this last trip.

I made it a point to not do too much browsing on their website before visiting just to get the full effect in person!

First impression? It’s inviting, adorable, and the price point is pretty great!

There was a great mix of trendy dresses, accessories, and some great layering basics too.

Indy was a fan of the sunglasses. Oh, and all the mirrors, which probably still have his handprints all over them…sorry!

The owner, Diane, was in the store while we were there and was very kind to converse with Indy about Halloween inflatables (and who knows what else he was talking about) while I took photos and browsed.

Where is it?

Elevate Boutique is located in Long Beach, 3423 Orange Ave., to be exact. I was there on a weekday morning and didn’t have trouble getting street parking nearby.

What are the hours?

They are open Tuesday-Sunday 10:30-5.

What are the prices like?

I was pleasantly surprised at the prices I saw. Cute summer dresses for $50-$70, tops for $20-50, plus lots of sale items starting around $20 and up.

So did you buy anything?

Well…yes, yes I did.

Even though it was a short trip (I did have a five year old with me) I was able to pick up a couple of items.

I tried on this beautiful ring only to learn it was handmade by a woman in Santa Monica AND it was under $25. Sold.

I also found this great black bag that I know I’ll carry all fall and winter. It’s got great structure and just made me really happy to see it. (And isn’t that the best reason to buy something?) It was on sale too!

I’ve been on their website just now and have a few top picks for you to check out:

1: Vibrant Suede Crossbody Bag

2. Claybeeco Earrings

3. Tropical Peplum Tank

4. Yachty Maxi Dress

5. Mule slides

Those shoes are GOOD. (And the price is even better!)

While I do intend to check out a new boutique on my next trip to Long Beach (next month), I also hope to pop back in to Elevate Boutique!

If you’ve got a recommendation for a SoCal boutique to check out, let me know! I still have an infinite number of trips ahead of me! :)

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