Retail Therapy

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If you follow my Facebook Page you know I mentioned having a “speaking engagement” last Friday. I am certainly NOT a public speaker but I got through it and was so happy to get to spend the morning with a lovely group of ladies. Due to my nerves, I made a pretty simple plan for the day. Get through the “talk”. And then hit the mall. 
For every nerve-wracking event in my life, shopping usually follows. It’s a celebration if things went well, or a consolation if they didn’t. Luckily this was more of a celebration (I didn’t faint and no one booed=success)! I’m getting ready for a big trip next month (more on that soon) so I did need to do some serious shopping. (I’m needing items that can be worn multiple ways so I can fit two weeks worth of clothing in a carry-on!)
Let’s just say, things went well.



Or maybe they didn’t go well if you look strictly at this financially. (Don’t do that.) It really wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of great sales! Now all of this wasn’t purchased for my trip, but there were a few deals just too good to pass up!
More on the haul to come, but I ended the day tired, relaxed, and a little lighter – emotionally and financially. How about you? Do you subscribe to retail therapy?   





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  1. I’m the worst at retail therapy. Shopping definitely lightens my mood… any my wallet.

    1. Same here!

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