Retail Therapy at Marshall’s

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I was feeling some mom guilt on Friday. I had dropped Indy off with his grandma for the day and he was experiencing some separation anxiety and did NOT want me to leave. Ugh, I know this is a normal stage and all, but it’s so heart-breaking. Apparently he cheered up within seconds of me leaving, but it took me a little longer. I just happened to be around the corner from Marshall’s so I decided to go drown my feelings in the dressing rooms.

I had a couple of things to return and thought I’d just make a quick little trek through the store. An hour later I left with a jacket, a fall candle (Brent loves fall candles!), and some candy, as one does when they go to Marshall’s. I figured I’d show you my try-on session and see what you think, is there anything I need to go back and get? :)

The first thing I tried was this red jacket:


Yes, this is the jacket that came home with me. I am a sucker for jackets like this for sure. Uh, just take a quick peak in my coat closet. I don’t have a red one though! I love the drapey front, the gorgeous red color (is red my signature color this season?), and the way it will be soooo easy to style!

For $29.99 I know I’ll more than get my money’s worth out of this one!

The second thing I tried was this white button down. I loved the modern cut of this, unfortunately a button popped off when I pulled it off the hanger!

The fit wasn’t quite what I was looking for so I didn’t bother trying on another. (And I did take the shirt and button to the dressing room attendant!)

Next I tried on another white button down, this one had a little different cut with the way the front buttoned and wrapped at the waist. I liked it OK, but I think I’d rather find a more simple version that fits great.

Next up was this leopard print coat! I’m not usually a huge leopard fan – in fact I currently don’t own any leopard print at all! I figured I’d try it just for fun and actually really liked it!

It’s a lightweight fabric and I think it looks really chic! Hm…do I need a leopard print coat for fall?

Since I was on a leopard print kick, I figured I’d try this sweater/cape too! It zips up the front but I like the idea of leaving it open over a tee and jeans. (Kind of like what I’m wearing now!)

Last up I grabbed a pair of raspberry colored wide-legged trousers to try and they ended up being more material than I expected!

I think they’re a fun idea, but I don’t think my legs are long enough for these! If yours are, grab them, they were only $12.99! I think with the right outfit (and right person) they could look really great.

And that was my Marshall’s trip! These trips seem to be happening more and more often these days, so, yeah, you can expect more of these posts! Oh, and Indy had a FANTASTIC day playing with his grandma of course. And I got a new jacket out of it. :)


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