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We’ve had a pretty mild summer here (in Oklahoma). And while I can’t complain about the lack of 100 degree days that we are used to, I’m still ready for cooler temperatures. But that’s just because I can’t wait to pull out my fall clothes. Fall is by far my favorite fashion season. I love jackets, boots, tights, etc. I own a billion jackets (that’s a slight exaggeration) and I love them all.

There are a few trends I’m seeing now that I’m pretty pumped about. The first is leather. I’m not normally a leather person, though I did rock some faux leather pants my senior year of high school. (Did I actually “rock” them or am I being kind to my younger self? Debatable.) Regardless, I’m really into it now. Leather (or faux leather) tends to scare a lot of people – it has a tendency to bring a “darker” side to mind, but that doesn’t have to be the case! You can easily make leather much more “friendly” and less “sexy” or “scary”! A few posts back I mentioned this skirt from H&M.

This skirt is currently en route to my house. I couldn’t help it. I tried, I did. While I wouldn’t wear this to work, I would wear it to a million other places and could style it numerous ways. While it’s still warm out, I’d add a sleeveless top and some sandals. (For info on the other pieces, click the photo.)

Once it gets colder I’d throw on a sweater and some tights.

If you’re not ready to embrace leather full on just yet, look for a leather detail. It’s everywhere right now. I bought this faux-leather trimmed top a couple of days ago:

And for only $20, I’ve incorporated a big trend for fall without really investing too much.

Last, let’s not forget the leather motorcycle jacket.

At almost $1,700, this is, well, more expensive than the skirt and top. But it’s so, what’s the word? Luscious? I’m going with that. Luscious. So, while that may be out of your price range (uh, and mine) I’m sure to find a more affordable alternative with this trend being everywhere this fall!

Perhaps one of these?

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