Prime Day Fashion Sales for 2020

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Happy Prime Day! I’ve put together a list of some fantastic fashion finds (say that five times fast) that are all part of the Amazon Prime Day sales from October 13-14th this year. (Sales start at midnight, eastern time, just FYI!)

If you’re not familiar with Prime Day, there are some items that are all sale the whole time and some that are “lightning deals”, meaning items go on sale at different times (and I’ve included those below). They’re only on sale for a few minutes so if you’ve got your eye on something I’d act fast so you don’t miss out! Not an Amazon Prime member? Sign up for a trial and then cancel later!

Since I don’t actually know what all the deals will specifically be, I’m just including some items I know will be part of the sales. We’ll have to find out together what the prices look like once the time hits!

This post does contain affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

Here are the Lightning Deals I’ve found for this morning:

prime day fashion sales 2020

6:00 AM – Cute PJ Set

Looks pretty cute and comfy, and comes in lots of different colors.

6:50 AM – Knee High Boots

These come in a lot of colors too, though I’m eyeing the black or gray pairs. Or maybe brown. Or maybe I can’t decide just yet!

7:15 AM – Sunglasses

So classic! And I’m guessing they’ll be so cheap too!

7:15 AM – Acrylic Earring Set

Nine pairs of earrings in this set and the original price is already pretty great. I’m excited to see what the Prime Day deal is!

7:50 AM Sequin Gown

OK, did you not expect to see a formal gown on this list? I hadn’t expected to put one on it, but when I saw it was included in the Prime Day deals I thought it might be good to share! You never know when you might need a fancy dress and this price is going to be good! Oh, and this comes in tons of colors to pick from too. 

8:05 AM – Kimono

I’m all about kimonos and printed jackets/wraps for fall and this one is great. (And yes, also comes in lots of different prints and colors too!)

8:05 AM – Maxi Dress

I bought this in a short sleeve version earlier this summer and I think I might see how good the price is to pick up one (or two) more. Lots of colors and different sleeve styles too. 

8:10 AM – Flutter Sleeve Dress

Same drill, lots of colors to pick from. I’d opt for black or this pretty green. Or maybe red. Or… :)

8:45 AM – Twisted Tee

Looks like an easy and cute top, perfect for layering or on it’s own. And with my current state, I’m liking the extra room at the waist!

9:10 AM – Black Rose Earrings 

I really like this stunning studs. And yes, there are more colors/metals to pick from too.

9:10 AM – Cuff Earrings

A nice little statement earring without going too bold!

9:30 AM – Wrap Cardigan

Several colors/prints to pick from, but I’m kind of digging this black/pink look.

9:40 AM – Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

OK, how comfy does this look. And same as others – lots of colors to pick from.

10:15 AM – Jumpsuit

This reminds me a bit of my red Calvin Klein jumpsuit, you know, the one everyone was in love with? Lots of colors to pick from and you can even opt for a romper style, if that’s more your taste. 

12:00 PM – Twisted Top

Another comfy, cozy, and pregnancy-friendly top. Though, if you’re not pregnant it’ll just be comfy and cozy. Maybe just don’t size up like I will! :)

OK, that’s it! What do you have your eye on? What are you buying on Prime Day this year? 


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