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Finding the Perfect Black (Faux) Leather Jacket

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Long time, no see! I didn’t intend to take off any time round the holidays, but here we are. :)

Last week Brent was sick, Indy was sick, and I had/still have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder so my level of productivity and basic human functioning was at a bare minimum.

I wanted to get this post up though because I’ve got to make an actual decision! Let’s talk black leather jackets, or black pleather jackets, if you will. Calling them vegan leather or faux leather sounds a little nicer than “pleather”, doesn’t it?

My trusty black jacket that I’ve had for years (years!) is pretty worn. Like, cracking around the collar, worn.

It’s not really noticeable when I wear it, but I think it’s just a matter of time.

I got this jacket at Kohl’s from the Rock and Republic line and have worn it sooooo many times. I knew replacing it would be a bit tough!

Over the past couple of years I’ve found many jackets I would have like to replace it with, but alas, my expensive taste and my bank account just weren’t lining up, ha!

Once the holiday season hit I know it was time to take advantage of store sales and free shipping offers and see if I could actually find an affordable replacement.

I ordered three great options from Nordstrom Rack to try at home, and while they do all look somewhat similar, the fit and style is definitely different on each.

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

1. Kut from the Kloth Leni Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Black ($29.97)

I like this brand and knew this would be a good option. I ordered a medium in all sizes and this one fit a little on the larger side. I think if I had tried a small I might have preferred that.

Overall it’s comfortable, a good length and a great option.

2. BLANKNYC Denim Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Call it Quits ($49.97 -looks to be sold out now)

Another good option, this one has a little more hardware on it. With the buckles on the sides it’s also a bit heavier! Still comfortable and I think I liked how it fit a bit more than the first.

3. BLANKNYC Denim Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($59.97)

It’s hard to tell in this photo but the buttons and zippers on this are more of a platinum than silver, so they don’t stand out as much, which I like!

This one is also really comfortable and fits a little bit smaller, which I also prefer. The only downside is I couldn’t easily zip it up if I wanted to, but honestly, I never zip this type of jacket up, so who cares? 😊


There wasn’t a “this is it!” moment for any of them, but I think #3 might be my front-runner. I like the overall fit, it’s super comfortable and soft, and I like that the zipper and hardware is a little bit softer looking than the harsher silver.

I feel like this is a good replacement jacket and even though it was the most expansive (of course) I’m happy with the price for something I know I’ll wear allllll the time.

So, do I keep it or keep looking? Hm…

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