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Favorite Party Flats Under $50

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We are officially in “party season” right now¬†and between Thanksgiving dinner, the office Christmas party, and dinners with friends you’ve got a lot of reasons to dress up these days! After you’ve been on your feet all day long some times the thought of another pair of heels is just not appealing. If that’s the case, these party flats under $50 should keep things festive AND comfy! Take a look and see if you find a pair that you love! (I’m pretty sure you will!)

Party Flats Under $50

Party Flats Under $50 on JK Style

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See a pair you just have to have? If you’re stuck on what you’d wear one of these gorgeous pairs of flats with, think simple! Your favorite little black dress makes a stunning backdrop. So would a pair of dark trousers or jeans and a sweater or jacket. If your usual style falls on the simple side, this is the perfect way to easily go next level! You’ll look like you spent hours perfecting your outfit when all you really did was slip on a party of gorgeous shoes! (No one will have to know!)


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