My 24 Hour Shopping Staycation in OKC

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It’s not too often I get a free day to myself anymore (taking care of that baby, you know) so when Brent surprised me last week with a little staycation I was SO excited! Not only did he book me a hotel room near all my favorite shopping spots, he also sent me off with a gift basket of snacks and some gift cards for shopping! (Side note: ladies, if you’re single, find a guy like Brent. If you’re taken, feel free to share this idea with your significant other.) Since I was able to enjoy a nice little 24 hour shopping trip right in OKC I thought I’d tell you what all I did in case you want to copy my schedule sometime. Here’s my 24 shopping trip in OKC!

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

First Up: Penn Square Mall

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style
I was tempted to take this little guy with me but figured I’d get a little more shopping done without him. :)

After throwing some things in my suitcase (probably more than I needed for a 24 hour trip), I loaded up my car and headed straight for Penn Square mall. It’s my favorite OKC mall and I always have fun wandering the stores! After a quick lunch at the food court I browsed all my regular favorites (Dillards, Sephora, Francesca’s, and others) and was ready to head to my next location.

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style
Just finding the perfect leather jacket at Banana Republic. Swoon.
If you go, don’t miss:

Muse – One of my favorites, you’ll find the latest trends and amazing home gifts. An OKC must-visit, for sure!
Woops – Stop by this little kiosk for a macaron, or two. :)
Dillards – The best mall department store in OKC, you can find pretty much whatever you’re looking for!
Francesca’s – This store was just remodeled and it’s still a great visit if you’re a fan of this chain.

Next Stop: Nordstrom Rack

As a Nordstrom-loving girl (please, please come to OKC!), I was thrilled when Nordstrom Rack came to Belle Isle Station area a few years ago. Since this shopping area is literally around the corner from the mall, it takes just a minute or so to get there!

I always find more than a few things to try on when I visit Nordstrom Rack and this day was no different. I’ve been on the lookout for some grey denim to replace a pair of pants I’ve pretty much worn out and I had good luck! I also picked up a few other items too! I wasn’t in the mood for shoe shopping (I know!), so I skipped it this trip.

From Nordstrom Rack I made the quick drive to my hotel to check in and freshen up. When I say quick trip, I mean less than 2 minutes as it’s basically just across the road from the mall!

Hotel Recommendation: Hyatt Place

Hyatt Place - OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

Brent and I have enjoyed staying at different Hyatt Place hotels over the years and I always have a good visit. This trip was no different! And I can’t say enough how great this location was for my stay. Literally just a couple of minutes from most of my destinations!

Hyatt Place - OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

My Favorite Target

After running a brush through my hair (that Oklahoma wind!) and losing my coat since it was a beautiful day, I drove up Northwest Expressway a couple of miles to my favorite Target store. I’ve always had good luck with this particular Target and this trip didn’t disappoint!

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

Classen Curve

From Target I headed to Classen Curve, another favorite OKC shopping destination. (I’ve written about them here.) I was excited to see a new store, Scout and Molly’s had opened just days before and I had fun visiting with the owners (I’ll be sharing more on this fun store soon!)

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

Places to visit in Classen Curve:

  • Evereve
  • Francesca’s
  • On a Whim
  • Liberte
  • Kendra Scott
  • Impeccable Pig
  • Cos Bar

There’s some great food in this shopping center too!

Classen Triangle

By now I was getting hungry and a little tired (I haven’t had a shop ’til I drop day in a while!) so I headed to my last spot, across the street from Classen Curve to Classen Triangle! I had to check out Anthropologie, West Elm, and Whole Foods before I went to Zoe’s Kitchen for some hummus!

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style
The rest of my night was spent watching TV, taking a bath, and doing a little work. I slept in, ate some breakfast at the hotel and then made the minute and half drive (really, I timed it!) back to Classen Curve to check out a few things I had been too tired to see the night before!

I left OKC and drove straight to the pediatrician’s office to meet Brent for Indy’s flu shot. Back to mom-ing!

If you’re planning a shopping trip to this part of OKC there are lots of other great places super close by you can visit too:

Other OKC Shopping Spots to Check Out Nearby

  • Blue 7 – Just about a six minute drive from Penn Square mall, Blue 7 is one of our favorite local boutiques! (With a great selection of denim!)
  • Automobile Alley – I’ve written about this area before but there are some fun shops to check out! About a 10 minute (easy) drive to get to this historic area of OKC that has lots of new life!
  • Nichols Hills Plaza – all kinds of great women’s clothing, including designer wear, and we’ve got a Trader Joe’s now too! It’s just up the street from the Classen Curve/Triangle shops, so you’ll want to visit!!
  • OKC Outlet Mall – a little farther away (about a 15 minute drive from this area), but worth it. Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, J. Crew Factory, there’s a lot to see and it’s a really good outlet mall.

OKC Shopping Staycation - JK Style

And that’s how I spent my OKC Shopping Staycation! I’ve decided I need to do this at least a couple of times a year! :)

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