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New Fancy Box!

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I’m not sure how I did this, but everything I’ve ordered recently either came in the mail on my birthday or the day after!  Talk about good timing! Included in these deliveries was my new Coco Rocha Fancy Box!
Here’s what I received this month:

Rifle Paper Co. Greeting Card (worth $5)

Rifle Paper Greeting Card


This is pretty fun. Now, who will be the lucky recipient of this way cool card?


Pendleton Notebook Collection (worth $13)

Pendleton Notebook Collection


I just realized there were 3 notebooks here!  I always have some sort of notebook in my bag. I try to keep digital notes on my phone or iPad, but there’s just something about having a pen to paper that I love. For blog ideas, sewing projects, and grocery lists, I’m ready to use these!


Ted Baker Beauty Spot Manicure Kit (worth $50)

Ted Baker Beauty Spot Manicure Kit Outer



Ted Baker Beauty Spot Manicure Kit


These tools are great! And this is definitely something I wouldn’t have bought for myself so I’m loving that!


Quay Whim Sunglasses (worth $40)

Quay Sunglasses

Probably the item I’m most excited about are these sunglasses! I love this shape and style- a little retro and still modern!  Now if we could just get some sunshine around here!
Again, the box is $39 (plus shipping) and I received over $100 worth of merchandise! Another great thing about Fancy: referrals! You can earn credit when friends sign up on the site, and even more credit when someone purchases!  I love this subscription so if you’re interested, check it out here.

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  1. I got this box as well but it had very different things in it. I got the Quay glasses & Rifle card. I LOVE the manicure set you got. Unfortunately it wasn’t in my box.

    1. Hi Ruth! What was in your box instead? I’d love to know!

      1. It was the Quay glasses but a diff style. Also, a Rifle card….but a diff card (I got “You are the bees knees.”) Also, stunning Senhoa earrings (definitely my fav item). Also (my least fav) a glass “bank” that you put coins in & “break” the glass in case of emergency. I can upload pix & share if you like.

        In the interest of full disclosure, I used a coupon code so I paid $28 for the box. Second disclosure … I had a need to use their customer service & found it disappointing.

        So because of the glass bank & disappointment with customer service combined with a personal resolution to save money for an investment goal, I went ahead & canceled my sub.

        In spite of my own experience, I’ve read a lot of fancy box reviews & 99% of them are glowing; so, I strongly encourage anyone who is even slightly interested to give fancy a whirl!

        1. I received the Senhoa earrings and glass bank in other boxes, that must be why I received some different things. A few boxes have been off for me but overall I’ve been happy.

          1. Ruth says:

            I’m so glad you got the Senhoa earrings! They are stunning! I will def be looking for more items I can purchase from them to support their amazing cause.

  2. Only four products? Or was there so e other things? I’ve wanted to try them but I’m still waiting to see some more boxes… I’ve kinda learned that ok so picky that i can’t get sub boxes. I have to just see what’s in them then buy the items or box lol

    1. Yes, this box just had four items, but other times there have been 5 items. I think maybe it was because there were 2 items worth over $40? One really nice thing about this subscription is that you can return an item per box. I did that a couple of months ago and received a $15 credit to Fancy, which I just put toward the next box! I’ve reviewed all my past Fancy boxes on the site too, so you can see those if you haven’t yet! So far I’ve been happy overall with the subscription.

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