Necessary Clothing

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I can definitely spend a lazy afternoon doing some online shopping. Not necessarily buying, just browsing, daydreaming, planning outfits, etc. And depending on the store, maybe trying to replicate looks that are closer to my budget. I don’t have to do any daydreaming when it comes to Necessary Clothing. Here are a few pieces I’m loving! (Click the item names for direct links!)


poppy dress

Poppy Crochet Dress, $44.99


ellison lace dress

Ellison Lace Dress, $44.99


palazo dress

Palazo Dress, $27.99


brunch blazer

Brunch Blazer, $45.99


anything goes tee

Anything Goes Tee Shirt, $16.99


piece of you blouse

Piece of You Blouse, $16.99


kitti quay sunglasses

Kitti Quay Sunglasses, $29.99


laine straw hat

Laine Straw Hat $14.99


And if you’re feeling very adventurous, give these a whirl:


diva boots

Diva Boots, $44.99 

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to go there. ¬†Happy Shopping!

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