My Latest Obsession: Black Linen Trousers

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I have no idea what started it, but I’m slightly obsessed with finding the perfect pair of wide-legged black linen trousers. This is not normally something I’d be searching for this time of year, or maybe any time of year, but I just keep thinking of all the reasons why I need some ASAP.

black linen trousers - JK Style

  1. They’re super chic. Styling the wider-legged pant with a more fitted top, gives the perfect balance.
  2. They can be dressed up or down. Tees, cute tops, whatever, they’ll work.
  3. They’re pretty much a dressed up version of pajama pants, so…no more reasons necessary!

Here are a few pairs of black linen trousers I’ve got my eye on, I’ll let you know when I finally order a pair! Oh, and these are all under $60, with most of them under $40!

Seriously, I’ve got to act on this fast, my brain can’t think about much else! It’s probably necessary to Indy’s well-being that I find some quickly. :)

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