(More) T-Shirts I Would Wear

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One of my most popular posts ever was from last summer, entitled “T-Shirts I Would Wear“, which is kind of hilarious to me. As someone who typically reserves t-shirts for sleeping or exercise I don’t tend to purchase many. BUT, this girl just bought herself a concert tee from a show a few days ago! AND, I wore it!
This is a lyric from an Ingrid Michaelson song and I love it! (And her.) I thought since I’m breaking out of my mold a bit there might be some other tees that speak to me, so here are (more) t-shirts I would wear! (The best part is, most of them are under $20!)
 oui c'est moiOui C’est Moi T-Shirt


heart tee

Heart Tee


Scallop Frill Tee


foil tee topshop

Foil Tee


world map muscle tee

World Map Muscle Tee


flamingo tee

Flamingo Tee


milly capri tee

Capri Tee


Multi-Colored Graphic Tee


Which is your favorite?

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