Weekend Deliveries!

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I probably see my mailman more often than I would like to admit.  I’m sure he thinks I’m some crazy lady who stays home and shops all day (and he might be kind of right).


These came over the weekend and I’m happy to share what’s inside! First up, ModCloth:
Do you shop ModCloth? I admit I don’t visit their site a ton. I’ve purchased a few accessories here and there – jewelry, shoes, but I don’t think I’m ever purchased clothing. I saw on Facebook they were offering what they call “Stylish Surprises” last week and I couldn’t resist!

stylish surprise

For $5 you could purchase an accessories box, or for $10 a shoe or apparel box. I opted for a shoe and an apparel box! I gave them my sizes, paid ($24 total) and waited for my box to arrive!


stylish surprise box

Inside my box? These shoes:

ModCloth Rampage Jading Booties

I saw these priced online anywhere from $29-$59, so $10 was definitely a good deal! They’re faux suede so they’ll be more of a fall/winter item, but I’m happy to save them!


I also received this dress by Mystic:

modcloth-black-weaving-an-impression-dress-product-1-11234166-002716780_large_flex (1)

The dress is cute but it’s too short (I’m about 5’8). I tried it on and my husband confirmed that from the back it looks a little “Jersey Shore”. (Those were actually his words.) I’d attempt to let it out but there’s not much to work with and I don’t think the material would do well. This may be a nice gift for a slightly shorter friend! 
Overall, I’d say I’d do another “Stylish Surprise” from ModCloth. What can I say, I love a good surprise!


Next up, my Julep Maven box.  You may have seen me mention Julep before. (If not, go here.) They have a monthly subscription program where you receive makeup and nail polish. I had put a hold on my subscription for a while (guys, I’m drowning in nail polish) but forgot that I needed to go back and do it again this month.  So, surprise! I got the April Bombshell box.

julep maven box

Included this month:
Glow Pore-Minimizing Blush in Petal Pink

Glow blush in petal pink

I also receive nail polish in Kayla (purple) and Tatum (green).

kayla and tatum

Did you know you can actually get your first box free? Seriously. Get a box, pay shipping ($3.95) and then cancel your subscription right after if you want!
Use code FREEBOX to get your first monthly box of beauty FREE!


If you follow my Facebook Page, you may have seen me post last week about doing some shoe shopping. (Guys, my husband insisted. I had to.) Since this wasn’t a practical shoe buying excursion and strictly being done as retail therapy I opted for something fun.

shoe dazzle 3

Since I was new to Shoe Dazzle, I could get 50% off my first order which meant these cost about $25. Major win there. And since I had saved so much, I bought another pair! (Oops.)

shoe dazzle2



And if that’s not enough, I just saw Fancy (which I adore) is also offering a $10 “mystery box”.

Mystery Box

So, of course I had to buy that!  I’ll let you know what’s inside!  If you want your own, click here or on the photo above!
OK, someone please take my credit card. (Just kidding, I have the number memorized!)


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