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Stylish Maternity Clothing Wishlist

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Guys, I went from having a tiny bump I could probably still hide to being preg-nant pretty much overnight it seems! There’s no hiding it anymore and while I’ve been making things work in my looser-fitting clothing (and a few PinkBlush dresses!) I think more maternity clothing is in my future! I started browsing around online (there aren’t too many stores that carry maternity clothing in-store anymore it seems!) and was surprised to see some things I really like! In case you’re also in the market for stylish maternity clothing, or have some friends who are, maybe this will help you too! Here are a few favorite stylish maternity clothing finds, and bonus, they’re all under $100 (and most are closer to $50!):

stylish maternity clothing wishlist on jk style

*This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases or clicks on links may result in my earning a small commission.*

Maternity Pants

maternity pants - stylish maternity clothing wishlist on JK Style

From left to right: Lilac Clothing Skinny Maternity Jeans // Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Boot-Cut Jeans // H&M MAMA Skinny Jeans Coated // Gap Maternity Inset Panel True Skinny Jeans

When I’m not wearing skirts or dresses (my go-tos), I have a belly band I’ve been wearing over my regular pants which has worked pretty well so far. But I might have to pick up a pair of jeans at least to get me through the fall and winter. And these pairs are exactly like something I would normally want! (I was pretty excited to see coated maternity jeans!)

Maternity Dresses/Jumpsuits

maternity dresses - stylish maternity clothing wishlist on JK Style

1. Rosie Pope Maternity/Nursing Wrap Dress // 2. ASOS Maternity – Nursing ASOS Maternity NURSING Double Layer Maxi Dress // 3. ASOS Maternity Belted Jumpsuit with Kimono Sleeve // 4. Topshop Maternity Knot Front Midi Dress // 5. H&M MAMA Jersey Tunic

While I’m debating the logistics of wearing a jumpsuit in the third trimester (how many times do I want to take it off to go to the restroom?) I’m thinking I’d love any of these.

Maternity Tops

stylish maternity tops - stylish Maternity clothing Wishlist on JK Style

1. Bun Maternity Draped Maternity/Nursing Top // 2. ASOS Maternity NURSING Large Eyelet Wrap Top // 3. ASOS Maternity Oversized Kimono T-Shirt With V Back// 4. Noppies Florien Cropped Maternity Layering Tee // 5. Udderly Hot Mama Whimsical Nursing Wrap Top // 6. ASOS Maternity NURSING Lace Up Back Sweater // 7. H&M MAMA Nursing Blouse// 8. ASOS Maternity – Nursing ASOS Maternity NURSING Stripe & Solid Sweater

I think from this list I love the red sweater (6), pink kimono shirt (3) and wrap sweater (2) the most!

If you’ve been pregnant before what were some of your favorite brands to wear? I’d love to hear more suggestions!

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