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Periwinkle Knot Tie Maternity Dress from PinkBlush

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The lovely people at PinkBlush sent me this fun periwinkle maternity dress and even though I’m a reluctant model (which you know if you’ve spent any time on my site!), I couldn’t wait to show you the gorgeous details! Periwinkle is my favorite color and I am excited to have another maternity dress to add to my closet! (And if you’re not a fan of this particular shade, the dress also comes in charcoal!)

PinkBlush Periwinkle Knot Tie Maternity Dress on JK Style

Periwinkle Knot Tie Maternity Dress

PinkBlush Periwinkle Knot Tie Maternity Dress - JK Style

I really love this knot detail on the side, it adds some flattering ruching without adding too much material or bulk to the dress.

PinkBlush Periwinkle Maternity Dress - JK Style

I also really liked that it was knee length (I’m about 5’8) and even with the split on one side I’d still be comfortable wearing it out. (And not feel like I was constantly tugging it down!)
PinkBlush Maternity  - Periwinkle Knot Tie dress - JK Style

My 24 week bump still has room to grow too! Which means I can pair this dress with my favorite jackets and boots this fall too!

PinkBlush maternity dress - JK Style

Thanks, PinkBlush for another gorgeous dress!

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