Marshall’s Try-On, My Mini Shopping Haul

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If you saw my video on Facebook Saturday I said I’d try to get a review of my Ipsy bag or Allure Beauty Box up today. Well, scratch all that. (I’ll do it later this week!) I want to show you my Marshall’s haul instead!

I picked Indy up from spending Saturday with his grandma and since we were just across the street from a Marshall’s I thought we’d pop in real quick, just to see what was new.

It was pretty busy and I don’t want to even attempt the dressing rooms with Indy at this point (I can only imagine how that would go), so I just threw all the things I thought were cute in my basket to try on at home. I figured maybe one of the four things I found would work.

Nope, I liked them all. This was not in my plans. Mentally or financially. 😂 But here we are, so let me show you what I bought and you can help me decide what to keep!

1. Tommy Hilfiger dress $39.99

Ok, so don’t help me decide on this one. I already know I love it and cut the tags and wore it to church yesterday. Done deal!

But isn’t it such a great dress? It’s a gorgeous green shade, the perfect length and fit. In fact, it’s exactly like what I was looking for about six months ago for my brothers wedding. 🙄

It’s $106 on Amazon, so my $40 looks pretty good!

2. Velvet Hearts Denim Shirtdress $24.99

This one I’m a little more on the fence about. I think I like it but I think it’s shorter than I’d wear without tights or leggings under it. I also think it might be cute left open over pants and a tee. Thoughts?

3. C & C California Jumpsuit $29.99

I picked this up thinking it might be a good casual outfit to add to my wardrobe. I love something simple and comfy I can throw on that still looks put together.

So, I like this, but I can’t figure it out. I first put it on like this (tag in the back like normal):

Only the pockets are backward like this and it fits a tiny weird through the hips/legs.

I tried it on the other way:

Now the pockets and bottom half are right but now the top half lays weird, even though it’s got buttons in the front, which looks like it should be the front. But then the tag is also in the front. ??? Maybe the top and bottom were attached the wrong way?

Maybe it’s reversible? I don’t know. Either way I’m still leaning toward keeping it because it’s easy (if I can figure out how to wear it, ha!) and super comfy. This is a good too-hot-for-real-pants kind of day, and will always be easy to wear with jackets in the fall. But could I find something that fits better for $30? Maybe.

4. Calvin Klein Red Jumpsuit $49.99

I LOVE this red jumpsuit! I think it’s so fun and thought it fit pretty great. What do you think?

I saw it online for $124 so I think I got a pretty good deal!

The green dress and red jumpsuit are keepers for sure, what about the others?

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  1. Those are all so cute!! My top two faves are the green dress and red jumpsuit…you should definitely keep those. :)

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