Mad for Plaid?

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Some things will just never go out of style: little black dresses, a nude heel, and lots of classic prints like leopard, houndstooth, and plaid. We’re talking about plaid today. I’ve got to say, I’ve never been a huge fan myself. I’ve had a few plaid wool skirts over the years but they’re not really my thing. I know many who love a comfy plaid flannel shirt, but that’s just not my style either. Plaid doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so I’m going to see if I can find some different ways to wear it! 

plaid cover

I like my look a little more polished, so I may skip the jeans and grab a black pencil skirt instead!

plaid with pencil skirt

 I think I can handle this plaid and jean combination. A little more my style.

navy plaid

 I always love a good pair of leather pants, and they definitely make this plaid shirt much more glam.

plaid and leather


This looks so warm and cozy. I’m kind of ready for Fall!

plaid dress

Need a fun plaid coat? I love the vintage/mod feel to this look!

plaid coat

Now this is more geometric than plaid, but it came up when I did a “plaid” search. And it’s my blog, so there. I just really like this dress!

white plaid dress


 What about you? Any thoughts on plaid?

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