Look for Less: Striped Tee and Chambray Outfit

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Hi friends! I had the goal of getting four new posts up last week but Indy ended up sick mid-week and between sitting up all night with a coughing boy and starting to feel crummy myself (thank you record pollen counts!), I ended up not getting too much done. But, it’s a new week and I’ll try again, right? :)

A few days ago I shared an “outfit of the day” photo that seemed to resonate with a lot of you! I was searching for something easy to wear for an exciting day out of the house. Just kidding, I was taking Indy to a doctor’s appointment and that was pretty much the extent of the excitement. Oh wait, I also did a lot of laundry!

Basically I needed something functional (no high heels!) for a morning out with a toddler. I started by grabbing some go-to black joggers I love and worked from there!

The comments I got over social media were positive, you guys love a striped tee and pink shoes! I thought I’d share the makings of this outfit, and while most of the items are pretty old (that denim shirt could very well be from college just a fewwwww years back), it’s pretty easy to find similar items!

Oh, and everything is under $50, with most around $25, meaning you could possibly replicate the entire outfit for about $100. (Or a lot less if you’ve already got some of these items in your closet!)

These are affiliate links, meaning if you do purchase an item from below, I might earn a small commission (at no cost to you).

Striped Tee and Chambray/Denim Shirt Outfit

Denim Shirt options here, here and here

Striped Tee options here, here, and here

Jogger/Pants options here, here and here

Pink flats options here, here, and here

All these items are easy to mix into other outfits, in fact, I think I’ll wear the striped tee again today in a different way! (Head over to Instagram to see if I get a picture up!)

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