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Today’s post is for the more well-endowed readers. How many times have you found a beautiful top or dress but it just won’t work because A) it’s too tight on top or B) you can’t wear a bra with it? And let’s face it ladies, if you’re really well-endowed you need to be able to wear a bra. (And most strapless bras just aren’t going to cut it!) And going without? Well, that’s not even an option I’m going to suggest. While I know they’ve made major advancements in undergarments lately (I hear there is actually a supportive strapless bra in the works that fits larger cup sizes!), it seems designers often forget to include those of us with a little more on top.
That’s why I was really excited to hear that Reformation has introduced a “Full Cup” line to their designs called the “I’m Up Here” collection. (Ha!) Each piece is designed to be “bra-friendly” and made especially for ladies with a full C-cup and larger. Now the collection isn’t exactly cheap (running from $78-$258), and there’s a whole lot of cutouts going on, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction and other designers soon follow! Bring on the bras!





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