Leather Skirt Purchase: 2 Years in the Making

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It all started in December of 2014. And yes, I remember it well. I fell in love with a faux leather skirt from Zara. It was the perfect shape, the perfect length, and it didn’t look all fake like a lot of faux leathers do. I wanted it. So much in fact that you can actually see me mention it here in this post a month or so later.  What happened when I went to Zara ON MY BIRTHDAY to get this perfect leather skirt? It was gone. I called stores, I checked resale sites and apps like Poshmark. I couldn’t find it.  No other stores carried a similar style. Since then I’ve still searched high and low for something remotely close.

Target Who What Wear Birdcage Faux Leather Skirt

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I’m at Target getting last minute things for my Texas work trip. Who What Wear has this exact skirt of my dreams in their new collection! How amazing is that!? Equally amazing (and actually horrifying now that I really think about it) I DIDN’T BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. I mean, not being able to track down this skirt two years ago crushed my soul (am I being a little dramatic?) and I didn’t buy it?!?! Who am I??

I reasoned I would come back for it and had it in the back of my mind thinking I would treat myself to it on a day I had a break from movie work. First, there is no “break” from movie work. Once you’re here you are pretty much working night and day until it wraps. And second, there is no Target within a 45 minute radius.

When my sister-in-law sent me a text a couple of days ago telling me she had bought THE SKIRT at Target I remembered that other people also like it so if I don’t want a repeat of the winter of 2014/2015 I better move! I ordered this in the middle of the night and instantly felt better.

Point of this story? Buy this skirt. It will in fact sell out and you will be devastated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  1. Have you tried it on yet? I’ve been wanting to buy a leather skirt for a few years now and haven’t pulled the trigger. Might have to do it since Targets running $10 off $40 deal for women’s clothes and I have a red card. Could you put together some outfit ideas in a future post?

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